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  • Golf cart maintenance

    Golf Cart Maintenance: The Ultimate Guide

    Introduction To Golf Cart Maintenance In the dynamic sphere of golf cart technology, vigilant upkeep is vital for achieving the best performance and durability. Regardless of whether you have an electric or gas-powered golf cart, consistent care is a necessity. This thorough resource will cover all facets of golf cart maintenance, equipping you with the…

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  • Golf Cart Customization

    Dominate Golf Cart Customization With Accessories and Upgrades

    Golf Cart Customization Golf Cart Customization: Golf carts have evolved into versatile vehicles. These vehicles now cater to daily activities beyond just golfing. Through the art of customization, one can truly express individuality. More than aesthetics, customization ensures the achievement of optimized performance. For those seeking enhancements, options abound: from paint colors to lift kits,…

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  • 1960s Golf Carts

    1960s Golf Carts: Vintage Golf Gems with A Rich History

    The 1960s marked a significant era in the world of golf carts. From classic designs to the evolution of functionality, delve into the captivating history of golf carts during this iconic decade.

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  • Golf Cart Christmas Decorations

    5 Festive and Unique Golf Cart Christmas Decorations

    Golf Cart Christmas Decorations can make your next Christmas simply amazing! Imagine cruising through a winter wonderland, adorned with twinkling lights and festive decorations. Your golf cart becomes a sleigh, transporting you and your loved ones on a merry adventure. In this article, we will discuss five unique and eye-catching ways to transform your golf cart into a Christmas masterpiece. From…

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  • Golf irons For Beginners

    Top Golf Irons for Beginners

    As a golfer, I’ve devoted countless hours to examining companies such as Cleveland, Callaway, and others to identify the most forgiving irons suitable for newcomers. We’re going to discuss the characteristics, aesthetics, and aspects of these golf irons for beginners that can improve your gameplay. We’ll help you identify that ideal iron to take your game to new heights,…

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  • How to Trick Your Golf Cart Charger

    Trick Your Golf Cart Charger and Charge Dead Batteries like a Pro

    Welcome to our golf cart charger tutorial, addressing the challenge of recharging unresponsive batteries. Experiencing a non-functional golf cart due to a drained electric battery can be quite problematic. However, possessing the correct skills and techniques can resurrect these batteries and restore functionality to your golf cart. Understanding the dynamics of a golf cart battery and charger is crucial.…

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  • Can You Adjust the Drive Belt On An EZGo Golf Cart?

    Can You Adjust the Drive Belt On An EZGo Golf Cart?

    As a seasoned golf cart enthusiast, I’ve always wanted to answer the question: Is it possible to adjust the drive belt on an EZGo golf cart? This question isn’t just a curiosity; it’s pivotal, influencing speed, performance, and the overall health of the vehicle. So, let’s accelerate into the specifics of the EZGo drive belt,…

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  • Can Golf Cart Batteries Freeze?

    Can Golf Cart Batteries Freeze? Best Practices To Protect Your Cart

    Winter is coming, and your electric golf cart will need special attention to keep it ready for the next Spring round of golf, but taking the proper steps to protect the batteries with Winter storage is vital. Deep-cycle batteries are expensive to replace whether you have an electric golf cart or just a starting battery…

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  • 12 Volt Lights to a 36 Volt Golf Cart

    Ultimate Guide: Wiring 12 Volt Lights to a 36 Volt Golf Cart – Step-by-Step

    Wiring lights to a golf cart might seem like a straightforward task, but when you’re dealing with different voltages, it becomes a bit more intricate. Golf carts, primarily designed for traversing the greens, have evolved into versatile vehicles used in various settings, from gated communities to large campuses. As their use diversifies, so does the need for enhanced features like proper lighting. Whether…

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  • Coleman Golf Carts

    Coleman Golf Carts: What You Should Know Before Buying

    Coleman is a licensed brand, so the company licensing Coleman filed chapter 11 to restructure their business, and their operation is still normal. That’s why Kandi still continues to make golf carts for them. Second, Kandi Technologies is the manufacturer for the black electric Coleman golf carts sold at Lowe’s, and Kandi is also a public company listed on NASDAQ. Key Takeaways Who Makes Coleman…

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