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25 Essential Things To Keep In Your Golf Cart (Besides Clubs)

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Golfing preparation involves more than just packing clubs. Proper planning can improve your golfing time, ensuring readiness for any situation. This manual highlights key things to keep in your golf cart, emphasizing safety, comfort, and enjoyment of the sport.

From protection against the elements to having tools for small fixes, and even items to entertain your pet, we consider all aspects. Every suggestion is about ensuring a smooth golf course journey and making it as enjoyable as possible.

Whether it’s shielding from unexpected rain or repairing a cart’s wobbly wheel, these essentials enhance each golf trip. While practicality is key, we also consider the joy of capturing special moments or jotting down an idea between rounds.

This guide is designed to enhance your course time, making sure you’re prepared for whatever the day brings.

Things To Keep In Your Golf Cart

1. An umbrella

When it comes to golfing, braving the elements is sometimes part of the game. However, when you encounter rain and lightning, safety becomes critical. Hoping to stay dry in your golf cart is not the safest option. Instead, a golf umbrella can be your best friend.

A golf umbrella is designed to shield you from the rain while you find a safer shelter. These umbrellas are often large enough to cover two people, making them a practical accessory. You can choose from a full-sized, regulation golf umbrella that can comfortably fit behind the seats in your golf cart or a more portable folding golf umbrella. Both types offer excellent protection from the elements.

However, if your experiences with umbrellas are more frustrating than helpful, there’s another option. Plastic ponchos are an excellent alternative. These lightweight, waterproof items can be easily packed into a small plastic pouch, taking up minimal space in your golf bag. So, next time you golf and the sky turns grey, remember to keep your safety gear handy.

2. Folding chairs with covers

Folding chairs are an excellent choice for portable seating, offering easy transport and minimal space usage. They’re so lightweight and compact that they can easily be stored behind the seat in your golf cart. Folding chairs vary in design, from basic models to more sophisticated ones like reclining or zero gravity chairs. Some even come with handy features like cup holders, bottle openers, and adjustable sun shades.

These versatile chairs can be a lifesaver when visiting friends or family who lack sufficient patio furniture. Similarly, they’re perfect for spontaneous trips to the beach to bask in the sunset or watch the colorful fireworks on the 4th of July. Since these folding chairs can be kept in your golf cart, there’s no need to worry about planning ahead or forgetting to bring them along.

3. Gloves

To protect your hands from blisters or to keep them warm, gloves can be a great solution. They also serve as effective smartphone protection. If you need to store your phone in your glove box and want to avoid it getting damaged, just slip it inside the glove’s palm area.

Furthermore, if you want to use your smartphone during the cold months while still keeping your hands warm, consider buying gloves with special yarn on the fingers. These gloves allow you to text and operate your phone without taking them off.

4. A hooded windbreaker

Amazon sells compact, foldable windbreakers with hoods that fit into their own zippered pouch, ideal for unpredictable weather. These windbreakers are perfect for sudden cold snaps and rainy days. They occupy minimal space yet offer essential protection from harsh elements. Owning a windbreaker could be the difference between a full 18-hole golf game or settling for just 9 holes due to freezing weather. You’d want to recall the fun day on the golf course, not the time you caught a severe cold because the weather took an unexpected turn.

5. A dog leash

If you’re a proud pet owner with a furry companion that enjoys golf cart rides, then a dog leash is an essential. It’s a common scene: you’re on the golf cart, your dog is with you, and suddenly, nature calls for your pet. A leash becomes invaluable in such situations, especially considering the leash policy on golf courses.

There are specialized leashes available in the market, designed specifically for walking your dog while you’re driving your golf cart. These are particularly useful if you’re unable to walk with your dog or in need of a break. However, your energetic buddy, Fido, is still eager to get some exercise and keep a lookout for his woodland friends, like deer and squirrels.

Investing in a golf cart-friendly dog leash ensures safety and convenience for both you and your pet.

6. Doggy poop bags

When we’re discussing our furry friends, it’s essential to anticipate their needs, especially when they’re out with you on the golf course. One such need is when your dog decides to leave a little surprise on the green or someone’s lawn. To avoid embarrassment, consider using specially designed dog poop bags. While plastic shopping bags can serve as trash collectors and emergency waterproof covers, they may not always be reliable due to their seams.

Dog poop bags, on the other hand, are specifically made to handle your dog’s waste. They come in an assortment of sizes, colors, and even fun designs. Plus, they’re compact, taking up only about 2 inches of space, easily fitting in the glove box of your golf cart. So, next time you’re setting off for a day on the golf course with your furry friend, remember to pack some dog poop bags for a hassle-free experience.

7. Flashlight

Unexpected weather and unpredictable light conditions make it essential to have a flashlight when you’re on an adventure. A flashlight can be a lifeline if you find yourself stranded and need to navigate home in darkness. Especially if you choose to explore a trail, a flashlight can help you avoid hazards like stepping on a snake or startling a skunk.

Flashlights with additional features like flashing warning lights can be especially useful in emergency situations, signaling for help when you need it most. If you have a medical condition that might need attention while you’re out and about, it’s worth considering a multi-purpose flashlight. Having such a tool could significantly impact the outcome of your day.

8. Camera

If you’re passionate about capturing stunning sunsets or unique cloud formations, or want to document an almost hole-in-one golf shot, keeping a camera in your glove box is a great idea. These memorable moments can be preserved effortlessly with the use of a good quality, user-friendly, and extremely portable camera. These cameras, which are very affordable, can be easily stored in your car’s glove box, ensuring you never miss capturing a special moment.

9. Blanket

A washable blanket is a fantastic accessory to have in your golf cart. It can transform an ordinary day into an exciting impromptu picnic. It’s a perfect companion when you’re lounging at the beach, providing a comfortable spot to sit.

On those unexpected chilly days, it comes in handy to keep you warm. This is particularly useful for those who use their golf carts all year-round. Weather can be fickle, turning from warm and sunny to bitterly cold in just a few minutes.

Having a washable blanket in your golf cart ensures that your fun outdoor activities continue for longer. It keeps you warm, making your golf cart cruising experience more enjoyable.

If you’re a pet owner, this blanket can also keep you clean and dry after your furry friend has had a fun run through a wet grass field. After a thrilling bunny chase, your pet can get pretty messy. A washable blanket can save the day, keeping your golf cart clean and dry.

10. Tire pressure gauge

Just like your car, your golf cart tires also need to be inflated to the right pressure. If you’re preparing for a day on the golf course and spot a tire that seems low, it’s simplest to use a gauge to check the pressure. Otherwise, you’ll need to search your garage for the gauge before you can inflate the tire and set off for your game.

11. Coolers

We have two on our golf cart – one for keeping beverages cool, storing food so the crows don’t grab it and fly off, and one for storing – of all things – extra golf balls. Special racks are available to mount the coolers on the golf cart, so they will stay with you at all times. No one wants to go several holes and discover that their cold beverages did not stay with them. It is nice to share with other golfers – on purpose, not because the cooler fell off your cart in the middle of the golf course.

12. Deep Woods Off

Yes, the golf cart can’t always protect you from the challenges of the golf course. One such challenge, especially this year, is the menace of ticks and chiggers. When the weather heats up and dusk approaches, another nuisance that can ruin your day is the swarm of mosquitos.

The smart move is not to wait until you see your ball disappearing into the woods or bushes. Instead, make it a routine to reach for your insect repellent stored conveniently in your cart’s glove box. A quick spray and you’re set, free from worrying about irritating chigger bites for the next week.

For those who find they have allergies or sensitivities to common brands like Off and others containing DEET, don’t worry. There are alternative, more natural repellents available. These products are gentle on your skin, yet still effective in keeping those pesky bugs at bay.

13. Superglue

Swift solutions for unexpected mishaps- from a loose part on your golf cart to a detached shoe piece or a fallen acrylic nail. It’s incredibly handy not having to trek back to your home or car just to rectify a small annoyance.

14. Pocket GPS

Living in a large community with numerous trails, it’s common to get disoriented, even if you’ve been a resident for a few years. Many locals, like my neighbor, rely on their handy pocket GPS before stepping out of their yards. With time, you’ll become familiar with the area but sometimes you might need to find a faster route.

If I need to journey from one place (let’s call it point A) to another (point B), I usually look for trails and alleyways that will help me avoid the hustle and bustle of the busier streets. Street intersections are typically marked, making them easier to navigate. However, unless you’re familiar with whose house is next to which cart path, it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where you are in this large community.

15. First aid kit

It’s quite evident that when mishaps like a cut or a bite occur during a golf game, no one seems to be prepared. Having a First Aid Kit in your golf cart can make a massive difference. It could mean continuing your enjoyable afternoon game or having to rush back to the clubhouse.

Before you stash the First Aid Kit in your golf cart’s glove box, don’t forget to include some safety pins. They might not help with wounds or bug bites, but they can be a lifesaver during a wardrobe malfunction. Your golf buddies will greatly appreciate it if you can save the day when they’re facing a similar situation, especially when far from the clubhouse.

16. Mechanical pencil

When you’re equipped with a pencil, there’s no need to carry a sharpener. Making a tally and jotting down notes becomes a breeze. Compared to ink pens, pencils boast a much longer shelf life. Ink pens often dry up and become unusable right when you need them the most. On the other hand, pencils are always ready for use, highlighting their superiority in terms of shelf life.

17. Wet naps

When it comes to the ultimate cleaning tool, nothing beats the compact clean-up aid. These aids are incredibly space-efficient, barely taking up any room at all. Ideal for tackling a variety of messes, they’re particularly effective in removing mud from shoes. Whether you’ve been hiking or simply walking in the rain, these aids can easily clean the tops of your footwear.

Next up, they’re a lifesaver for dealing with sticky fingers after snacking. You know the feeling – you’ve enjoyed a delicious snack, and now your fingers are all sticky. No problem! These clean-up aids will have your hands clean in no time.

Have you accidentally spilled your coffee or soft drinks? Don’t fret! These compact cleaning aids are also great for dealing with liquid spills. Simply wipe away the mess, and you’re good to go.

If you’re a golf enthusiast, you’ll love this. These aids can also be used for cleaning the windshield on your golf cart. Just a few swipes, and your windshield will be sparkling clean.

And let’s not forget the birds. Those birds can sometimes try to ruin your day by leaving their mark on your things. However, with these clean-up aids, you can easily clean up any mess they make. So, keep your day bright and your spaces clean with these compact clean-up aids.

18. Storable snacks

When enjoying a round of golf, it’s essential to stay fueled and focused. Having snacks like Peanut Butter Crackers, Hard Candy, Kind Bars, and Fritos can significantly help. These items are not only tasty but also give you a quick energy boost, especially if you skipped lunch for your tee time. They help maintain your blood sugar levels and keep you concentrated on your golf game rather than feeling hungry. Also, if you have Wet Naps in your golf cart, you can even add Cheetos to your snack list. These handy wipes make cleaning up after enjoying your Cheetos a breeze while out on the course. So, don’t forget to pack these snacks and wipes for your next golf game! 😀

19. Notebook

Often, a spark of inspiration can happen unexpectedly, such as when you’re enjoying a calm day outside or when you hear something that changes your perspective. This is one reason why carrying a notebook can be beneficial. It allows you to jot down these sudden ideas instantly.

Another occasion where a notebook is useful is during networking events. For instance, you might be on a golf course when you bump into the CEO of a promising startup. Neither of you have any business cards on hand. In such cases, you can quickly write down their contact details in your notebook.

You can also jot your own contact information on a spare page and give it to the CEO. This ensures you both have the necessary details to stay in touch. Plus, it eliminates the need to scribble information on something less professional, like a lunch receipt. In this way, a simple notebook can vastly improve your networking experience.

20. Multitool

When you’re on the go and need to undertake some fix-ups, carrying a bunch of heavy tools can be a burden. This is where a compact tool kit comes to your rescue, acting like a safety net. There’s a good chance you might not need it, but in the event that you do, you’ll be grateful to have it with you. It’s essentially like having an insurance policy for unexpected repairs. You’re prepared, no matter what situation you find yourself in. This handy tool kit is perfect for field repairs, ensuring you’re always ready to tackle any problem.

21. Portable Power Pack

If you find yourself in a gas cart and it’s not starting due to insufficient cranks from the starter, the following solution could be a lifesaver. With the aid of an adapter, you can also recharge a dead cell phone. This method helps not only to get your vehicle running but also keeps your phone alive.

22. WD-40

While pepper spray is a useful self-defense tool, it’s prohibited in some areas. On the other hand, WD-40 is a legal and effective alternative. Not only can it deter an attacker, but it also serves as an excellent tar remover and anti-squeak lubricant. This versatile tool is a must-have for any household or personal safety kit.

23. I.C.E.

What happens if you’re incapacitated and emergency help arrives, but you’re unable to communicate important information? This is where the importance of having an In Case of Emergency (ICE) contact list comes in.

The ICE contact list is a valuable tool that contains vital information about your health and emergency contacts. This list can provide emergency personnel with important details when you’re unable to. For example, your medical vitals, such as blood type, allergies, and current medications, can be crucial to ensure correct treatment.

Furthermore, the list provides contact information for the people who should be notified in case of an emergency. These contacts could be family members, close friends, or your primary healthcare provider.

So, if you’re ever in a situation where you’re out of commission, an ICE contact list can be a lifesaver. It allows immediate access to your medical vitals and contacts, ensuring you get the right help fast.

24. A few feet of electrical wire

A well-organized coil of wire can be an essential tool when facing a cable short or break. It seems like the original cable never has enough slack to facilitate an easy repair. You would typically need to splice them back together. However, after the repair or splice, you might need…

25. Electrical tape

Electrical tape is a tool typically associated with quick fixes in electrical repairs. However, it also serves as an unexpected aid in outdoor activities or building construction. An unconventional yet effective use of electrical tape is for treating minor injuries.

When I found myself working in the vast outdoors or involved in the process of building construction, I would sometimes end up with a small cut on one of my fingers. In such instances, electrical tape came to my rescue. By wrapping a layer or two of this versatile black tape around the injury, I could temporarily seal the wound.

This method helped keep the wound closed, preventing any further damage. Moreover, it ensured the cut remained clean, warding off potential infections. Upon returning home, I would then give the wound the proper care it needed. Therefore, electrical tape served as a quick and efficient solution to manage minor injuries during outdoor or construction work.

So, while electrical tape is a staple in any electrical repair toolkit, it surprisingly doubles as a handy first-aid resource in outdoor and construction environments.

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