Golf Cart Mirrors – My Top Picks

Driving down the trails, paths, and streets, the big safety blind spot is what is happening or coming up from behind. You will probably be going slower than approaching cars, semi’s, motorcycles, zombies, etc. so keeping aware of your surroundings at all times is a must. Not all golf carts come equipped with mirrors, and if you don’t have a set on your vehicle, now is the time to order some up. Here are some of the models I have had experience with and my opinionated view of them.

Moveland Universal Golf Cart Side View Mirrors

This is the set I have installed on my Club Car, replacing the ones that got wiped off by a closing garage door. I found them easy to install and very, very, inexpensive. 

Large clear vision area and no vibration whatsoever while driving. You will feel safe driving down your country roads.

Designed to be a simple installation into the side of your roof supports. You choose the height and viewing angle.

Folds in to avoid breakage/storage-Break away feature.

Made of Impact resistant high strength and lightweight molded plastic.

These mirrors are the absolute highest quality and easiest install on the market.


  • Excellent view coverage
  • No vibration
  • Easy install, 4 machine screws or bolts


  • Plastic construction won’t stand up to kids hanging on it
  • Instruction needs to emphasize taking a ratchet and tightening the pivot.

Shu-Ran Golf Cart Rear View Folding Side Mirror with LED Indicators

  • Signal indicators provide greater safety during day and night driving
  • Foldable side mirror
  • Suitable for EZGO / Club Car / Yamaha golf carts
  • Includes 2 golf cart side mirrors: driver and passenger
  • Requires DC12V; External dimensions (length x width x height): 7 1/2″ x 7 1/16″ x 1 9/16″ 
  • Mirror size (length x width): 6 13 /16”x 5 5/16” 
  • Need to drill, including screws


  •  Easy to install and requires moderate handyman skill


  •  Cart must already have turn signals installed 

5 Panel Golf Cart Mirror, GPD Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

  • Provides wide angle of view
  •  Mirror size:34.5″ x 2.75″ x 1.5″
  • The panoramic view makes driving safer.
  • Comes with complete installation instructions
  • Fits Most Golf Carts.


  •  Mirror’s position at the top of the windshield keeps it from blocking sight line
  • Fairly easy to install


  •  May require extra hardware to make it fit
  • You must have a full-height windshield and should have a roof

16.5″ Extra Wide Panoramic Rear View Mirror for Golf Carts Such As Ez Go, Club Car, Yamaha

  • Measures: 3″H x 17″W x 3″D
  • Provides 180-degree rear view visibility
  • Mounts on front canopy top with enclosed hardware
  • Universal Design

Fits most major golf cart brands, such as E-Z-GO, Club Car, and Yamaha. Measures: 3″H x 17W x 3D. Convex curvature to give a 180-degree panoramic view of everything behind you. Unlike 5-panel mirrors, these are much easier to look through and do not distort or hinder the view whatsoever. No more picking which of the 5 panels to look into. Just look into the mirror face and see everything in one quick glance. You can see just about everything behind your left and right-hand shoulders. Easy to install with the provided hardware kit.

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