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5 Essential Tips for Snow Plowing with Golf Carts – Discover How!

Last Updated on November 17, 2023 by Chuck Wilson

Winter arrives and with it comes the snow…mounds of it. The task of shoveling snow has never been fun, and it takes quite a while in the freezing cold to finish the job. Owning your own snow plow would be a luxury, but you have a golf cart right there in the garage. Can your cart be used to help snow plow the driveway?

Can you snow plow on golf cart vehicles? Yes, and there are kits to adapt a plow to your model golf cart. Fitting a plow on your electric or gas vehicle is fairly easy and kits made for your Club Car, Yamaha, and EZ Go are available with bolt-on brackets.

What Do I Need To Make a Golf Cart Snow Plow?

These golf cart snow plow conversions usually require mounting a winch on the front of the cart to raise and lower the blade. The snow plow for golf carts manufacturers do not usually include the winch and it will need to be purchased separately.

An alternative to the winch and cheaper solution to raising and lowering the plow is a long tie-down strap attached to the top of the plow blade and the other end held in the cart with one hand while steering with the other hand.

This video shows the ease of installing your own snow plow blade:

I would also consider upgrading the rear tires to a knobby tread for good traction. Your average golf cart doesn’t usually come standard with a tread made for gripping slick surfaces. Golf carts can, however, make multiple passes with the snow plow blade lower with each pass.

Where Can I Find Golf Cart Snow Plow Kits?

A quick Google search can bring up a variety of options, and I have a few here to list that are not affiliated with this site:

Golf Cart King carries a 54″ snow blade kit that fits Club Car Precedent, Club Car DS, EZ Go TXT, EZ Go RXV, Yamaha G14-G22, and Yamaha G29.

Golf Cart King Golf Cart Snow Plow features:

  • Quick Attachment – 1 Pin, 1 Electric Connector
  • 54″ Wide Blade
  • Adjustable Blade Angle with Power Lift for Adjusting Height
  • Dual Headlights Included
  • Fits any 2″ Receiver
  • Comes with detailed instructions for installation help
  • Heavy Duty Poly Blade 


Nordic Plow carries snow plows for golf carts 49″ Plow for Club Car, EZ Go, Cushman, and Husqvarna.

Nordic Plow’s 49” Plow, features a patented lightweight rounded edge blade. Made of a proprietary PC/ABS composite material, it includes all parts necessary to mount the unit to your vehicle.

Made in the USA!


Plowman’s Carts carries a line of Yamaha snow plow golf cart kits.

Can You Mount A Snow Plow On An ATV?

Yes, there are actually more options to adapt an ATV into a snow plow golf cart than there are for regular golf carts. Given that an ATV is usually equipped with more horsepower and traction tires, it would be a better fit for home use than any”snow plow for golf cart” conversions available. Here are some examples of the products available.

Final Words

You might have noticed that the kits for ATV’s are cheaper than the kits to make golf cart snow plows. If you have an ATV, then you can get into cart snow plowing for a bargain, but for those of you that are driving the regular golf vehicle around the course you can still add another purpose for your favorite ride.

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