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What Year Is My Cushman Truckster? – Model, Year And Serial Master Chart

What Year Is My Cushman Truckster

Introduction to What Year Is My Cushman Truckster?

The Cushman Truckster year is in the last 4 digits of the serial number. It will be 1952 to 2002 depending on the serial plate, usually located by the handbrake. I have included a chart below for each year’s specific models.

What is a Cushman Truckster?

As collectibles go, nothing gets as much attention in the old Cushman line as a Truckster Model. The Cushman Truckster was a heavy-duty utility vehicle produced from 1952 to 2002. If you find yourself adding one to YOUR collection, you may well ask “What year is my Cushman truckster and what will it take to refurbish it?”

New original parts are available. So are original parts alternatives, such as third-party head gaskets. You can get them from dealers like Vintage Golf Cart Parts and RDM.

Cushman Tag

In 1952, Cushman Inc. began manufacturing three and four-wheeled vehicles called Trucksters. The Truckster models were popular on job sites and in industrial plants. They were used as vehicles for parking meter attendants in many cities. The serial number was stamped on a tag shown here.

The OMC Gas Engine

The Cushman OMC engine is a popular and robust motor manufactured by the celebrated Cushman Company. OMC stands for Outboard Marine Corporation. It made these engines under the Cushman brand.

The Cushman OMC engine is widely recognized for its durability, power, and reliability. It was primarily used in Cushman’s line of utility vehicles and golf carts, providing them with a consistent and reliable source of power.

The Cushman OMC is an electric start, air-cooled gas, two-cylinder engine that typically delivers between 9 to 18 horsepower, depending on the specific model. These engines are known for their longevity and are capable of running for thousands of hours with proper maintenance. They are also appreciated for their simple design, which makes them relatively easy to repair and service. Despite their age, Cushman OMC engines remain a favorite among many enthusiasts due to their reliability and performance.

Locating The Serial Plate

Trucksters were small and maneuverable vehicles that could haul loads wherever needed.  They came in a variety of body types, including pickups, hydraulic dump beds, and even police vehicles. Cushman became a division of the Outboard Marine Corporation in 1962. Ransomes (of Great Britain) purchased Cushman in 1989, and then Textron purchased Ransomes. Determining the production year of a Truckster involves finding its serial number, or contacting Textron. Here are the procedures:

  • First, locate the serial number: The Cushman serial number should be six numbers, then a dash, followed by four more numbers, such as 898101-7010. Trucksters often have their serial numbers on a metal plate (See the image above) on the dash near the emergency brake. If not located there, look under the driver’s side seat, and on the metal side rail below the floorboard on the driver’s side.
  • Look at the two numbers following the dash: The two digits following the dash represent the year the Truckster was produced. All Trucksters were produced before 2000; so a model number of 898101-7010 would mean that the Truckster was produced in 1970.
  • Finally, if the model is not in the chart below, you can contact Cushman directly by email at or at the customer service line 800-774-3946. They can provide information about how to find a serial number or if you found the number but can’t decipher it, they can tell you how to determine a production date without a serial number. 
ModelSeriesYear ProducedDescription
77811953-55Truckster, PU, 7 HP
782-21953-55Truckster, CH, 7 HP
781-151956Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
782-161956Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
781-221956Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
782-231956Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
783-241956Truckster, 7.95 HP
783-251956Truckster, 7.95 HP
876085781-471957-58Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
876085782-481957-58Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
876087781-491957-58Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
876088782-501957-58Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
876099782-651958Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
876100782-661958Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
876131781-971959Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
876132781-981959Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
876134781-1001958Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
876135782-1011959Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784047811960-61Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
8784077811960-61Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
8784107821960-61Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784137821960-61Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784497811959Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
8784527821959Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784557821959Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784587811960-61Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
8784617811960-61Truckster, PU, 7.95 HP
8784647821960-61Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8784677821960-61Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8789227811961-62Truckster, PU, 9 HP
8789237811961-62Truckster, PU, 9 HP
8789247811961-62Truckster, PU, 18 HP
8789257821961-62Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8789267821961-62Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8789277821961-62Truckster, CH, 18 HP
8789397821961Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8789407821961Truckster, CH, 7.95 HP
8795207811961Truckster-Army & Navy, 18 HP
8795217811961Truckster-Army & Navy, 18 HP
8800017811963Truckster, PU, 9 HP
8800027811963Truckster, PU, 9 HP
8800037811963Truckster, PU, 18 HP
8800047821963Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8800057821963Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8800067821963Truckster, CH, 18 HP
8803157811964Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8803167811964Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8803177811964Truckster, CH, 18 HP
8803187821964Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8803197821964Truckster, CH, 9 HP
8803207821964Truckster, CH, 18 HP
8803258801964Truckster, turf, 18 HP
8803277801964Truckster, dump body, 18 HP
8803287801964Truckster, sweeper, 18 HP
8803297801964Truckster, 1/2 ton FB, 18 HP
8803307801964Truckster, police, 18 HP
8807107801965-68Truckster, PU, 18 HP
8807117801965-68Truckster, CH, 18 HP
8807127801965-68Truckster, dump body, 18 HP
8807147801965-68Truckster, 1/2 ton FB, 18 HP
8807157801965-68Truckster, police, 18 HP
8807188801965-68Truckster, turf, 18 HP
8814167801967-68Truckster, turf, 8 HP
8814197801967-68Truckster, turf, 18 HP
8818631969Turf-Truckster, dump, 12 HP
8818641969Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP
8818681969Turf-Truckster, 18 HP
Note: From 1970 on there is an addition of a 4 digit number. The first 2 digits denote the year, so if the first 2 digits following the dash of the model number is 78, then 1978 is the model year.
89850070101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850170101970-71Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850270101970-71Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850470101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850670101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851670101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852070101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852270101970-71Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852670101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89854070101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89854170101970-71Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89854270101970-71Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89854470101970-71Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850071101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850171101971Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850271101971Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850471101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850671101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851671101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852071101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852271101971Turf-Truckster, dump, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852671101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89854071101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854171101971Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854271101971Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854471101971Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850072101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850172101972Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850272101972Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850472101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850672101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851672101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852072101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852272101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852672101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854072101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854172101972Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854272101972Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854472101972Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850073101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850173101973Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850273101973Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850473101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850673101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850773101973Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851673101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852073101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852273101973Turf-Truckster, dump, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852673101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852773101973Turf-Truckster, chassis, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854073101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854173101973Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854273101973Turf-Truckster, dump, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854473101973Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89854773101973Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850474101974Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850774101974Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852774101974Turf-Truckster, chassis, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854774101974Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850475101975Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850775101975Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852775101975Turf-Truckster, chassis, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854775101975Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850476101976Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850776101976Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852476101976Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89852776101976Turf-Truckster, chassis, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854776101976Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850477101977Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850777101977Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852477101977Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854777101977Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89850778101978Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851978101978Turf-Truckster, flatbed, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852578101978Turf-Truckster, flatbed, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854778101978Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850779101979Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851579101979Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852579101979Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854779101979Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850780101980Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851580101980Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852580101980Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854780101980Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89850781101981Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89851581101981Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89852581101981Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89854781101981Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89853082101982Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853182101982Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853282101982Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89853382101982Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89853083101983Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853183101983Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853283101983Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89853383101983Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89853084101984Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853184101984Turf-Truckster, pickup, 18 HP, 3-Wheel
89853284101984Turf-Truckster, chassis, 18 HP, 4-Wheel
89853484101984Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89853085101985Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853185101985Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853285101985Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89853485101985Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89853086101986Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853186101986Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853286101986Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89853486101986Turf-Truckster, pickup, 12 HP, 3-Wheel
89853087101987Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853187101987Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853287101987Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89853088101988Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853188101988Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853288101988Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89853089101989Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853189101989Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853289101989Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89863089101989Turf-Truckster, pickup, 27 HP, 3-Wheel
89853090101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853190101990Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
89853290101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
89863090101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 3-Wheel
89863290101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 4-Wheel
89863390101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 3-Wheel
89863490101990Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 4-Wheel
89863091101991Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 3-Wheel
89863291101991Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 4-Wheel
89863391101991Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 3-Wheel
89863491101991Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 4-Wheel
8985301992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
8985311992Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
8985321992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
8986301992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 3-Wheel
8986321992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 4-Wheel
8986331992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 3-Wheel
8986341992Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 4-Wheel
8986351992Spray Truckster 27 HP,liquid cooled, 3-Wheel 160 gal.
8985301993Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
8985311993Turf-Truckster, pickup, 22 HP, 3-Wheel
8985321993Turf-Truckster, chassis, 22 HP, 4-Wheel
8985351993Spray Truckster 22 HP, 3-Wheel 160 gal.
8986321993Turf-Truckster, chassis, 27 HP,liquid cooled, gas 4-Wheel
8986331993Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 3-Wheel
8986341993Turf-Truckster, chassis, 21.5 HP,liquid cooled, diesel 4-Wheel
8986351993Spray Truckster 27 HP,liquid cooled, 3-Wheel 160 gal.

Cushman Trucksters are still available to the avid collectors on buy and sell sites like Smart Cycle Guide. Check them out, and you will see a good comparison of what your vehicle may be worth!

Truckster Features

The Cushman Truckster, a name synonymous with durability and practicality, has been a staple in the utility vehicle industry for decades. The 2002 and later models of this sturdy little workhorse, in particular, have earned a reputation for their robust construction, impressive hauling capacity, and innovative features.

The Cushman Truckster is designed with a right-hand drive setup. This feature provides added convenience for users, especially when it comes to navigating tight corners or performing tasks that require precision. The right orientation of the driving controls made the Truckster a unique standout among its peers.

At the rear, the Truckster is engineered with an axle that provides impressive wheel drive capabilities. This design is particularly beneficial when navigating rugged terrain or when the vehicle is laden with heavy loads. The wheel drive system, coupled with the robust rear axle, ensures the Truckster delivers a reliable and smooth ride, irrespective of the conditions.

Hauling Capacity

The hauling capacity of the Truckster is another feature that deserves a special mention. With its ability to carry substantial loads without compromising on performance, the Truckster proves to be a little powerhouse. It’s an ideal choice for a range of tasks, from moving equipment on a construction site to transporting goods in a warehouse.

The Cushman Truckster also boasts a smooth-operating clutch system, designed to provide users with seamless control when shifting between gears. This feature, combined with the well-calibrated brakes, ensures that the vehicle can be maneuvered safely and efficiently, even when carrying heavy loads.

The Cushman Truckster’s turf-friendly design sets it apart from many other utility vehicles. It is equipped with springs that provide excellent shock absorption, reducing the impact on the ground as it moves. This makes the Truckster a preferred choice for maintaining golf courses, parks, and other such landscapes where preserving the turf is a priority.

The Cushman Haulster is another variant of the Truckster that deserves a mention. The Haulster emphasizes on the same robust design and durability as the Truckster but with a focus on hauling and transportation. From carrying heavy equipment to moving personnel, the Haulster is versatile and reliable.

Exploring the history of Cushman Trucksters offers a fascinating glimpse into the evolution of utility vehicles over five decades. From its inception in 1952 until the end of production in 2002, the Cushman Truckster evolved through various models, each reflecting the needs and technologies of its time.

Early Beginnings to 2002 The journey began when Cushman introduced the first Truckster models. These early versions were designed for utility and efficiency, quickly becoming indispensable in industrial plants and job sites. The Truckster’s ability to navigate narrow spaces made it a favorite for parking meter attendants in cities across the United States.

Key Models and Their Features Over the years, the Truckster underwent several transformations, adapting to the changing demands of its users. The 1950s and 60s models, for example, were known for their simplicity and ruggedness, suitable for a variety of tasks from hauling to maintenance work. By the 1970s and 80s, the Truckster had embraced more powerful engines and began to offer more specialized models, including those designed for turf maintenance and public safety.

One notable model is the 898500 series from the early 70s, which introduced a more robust engine and a three-wheel design, enhancing its utility and maneuverability. The late 80s and 90s saw the introduction of the 898630 series, which boasted a 27 HP, liquid-cooled engine, marking one of the most significant upgrades in the Truckster’s history.

The evolution of the Cushman Truckster mirrors the technological and societal changes of the latter half of the 20th century. Each model tells a story of innovation, adaptation, and reliability, making the Truckster not just a utility vehicle but a symbol of American ingenuity.

Understanding the history and key models of the Cushman Truckster not only enriches your knowledge as an owner or enthusiast but also deepens your appreciation for this iconic vehicle. Whether you’re restoring a vintage model or simply curious about its origins, the Truckster’s legacy is a testament to its enduring appeal and functionality.

Finding Parts for Your Model One of the initial challenges in refurbishing a Cushman Truckster is locating the right parts. Given the wide range of models produced over the years, each with its unique specifications, finding the correct components requires diligence. Start with specialized dealers like Vintage Golf Cart Parts and RDM, known for their comprehensive collections of vintage and replica parts. Online forums and communities of Cushman enthusiasts can also be invaluable resources, offering tips, leads, and sometimes even parts for sale or trade.

Restoration Tips Restoring a Cushman Truckster is as much an art as it is a science. Here are some tips to guide you through the process:

  • Document Everything: Before disassembly, take detailed photos and notes. This documentation will be invaluable when it’s time to reassemble.
  • Prioritize Authenticity: Whenever possible, opt for original parts or high-quality replicas that maintain the Truckster’s authentic look and feel.
  • Seek Expert Advice: Don’t hesitate to reach out to restoration experts or experienced members of the Cushman community. Their insights can save you time and ensure a more accurate restoration.
  • Be Patient: Restoration is a meticulous process that shouldn’t be rushed. Take your time to ensure each step is done correctly.

Joining the Community Engaging with the Cushman Truckster community can significantly enhance your restoration journey. Clubs and online forums are not just sources of parts and advice; they’re also platforms for sharing successes and challenges. Participating in these communities can provide moral support and inspiration, making the restoration process more enjoyable and rewarding.

Showcasing Your Truckster Once your Cushman Truckster is restored, it’s time to show it off. Local car and utility vehicle shows are great venues to display your Truckster, connect with fellow enthusiasts, and even win accolades for your restoration efforts. Sharing your Truckster’s story and restoration journey can also inspire others to undertake their projects, contributing to the preservation of these historic vehicles.

Refurbishing a Cushman Truckster is a journey back in time, a labor of love that pays homage to the vehicle’s heritage and ensures its legacy endures. It’s about more than just bringing a vintage cart back to life; it’s about preserving a piece of history for future generations to admire and enjoy.

With your Truckster restored, you’re not just a Cushman owner; you’re a custodian of history, part of a community dedicated to the celebration and preservation of these iconic vehicles.

Regular Maintenance Checklist

  • Engine Care: Regularly check the oil level and change the oil according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. For older models, consider using oil suitable for vintage motors to provide better protection.
  • Battery Maintenance: For electric models, ensure the battery terminals are clean and corrosion-free. Check the water level in each cell and charge the battery after use to keep it in optimal condition.
  • Tire Inspection: Inspect the tires for signs of wear, cracks, or age-related deterioration. Maintain proper tire pressure to ensure safety and extend tire life.
  • Brake System: Check the brake pads, shoes, and fluid levels regularly. Adjust and replace them as necessary to maintain effective braking performance.
  • Lubrication: Regularly lubricate moving parts, including the steering system, suspension, and any pivot points, to prevent wear and ensure smooth operation.
  • Cleaning: Keep your Truckster clean from dirt, grime, and debris. Use gentle cleaning products that won’t harm the paint or finishes, especially on vintage models.

Troubleshooting Common Issues Even with diligent maintenance, you may encounter common issues. Here are solutions to some typical problems:

  • Starting Problems: If your Truckster has trouble starting, check the battery (for electric models) or the fuel system and spark plugs (for gas models). Ensure connections are secure and components are in good condition.
  • Poor Performance: For electric Trucksters, poor performance might indicate battery issues. For gas models, check the air filter, fuel filter, and carburetor for blockages or wear.
  • Brake Issues: If brakes are less responsive, inspect for worn pads or shoes, low brake fluid, or air in the hydraulic lines. Adjustments or replacements may be necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I determine the year of my Cushman Truckster?

The year of your Cushman Truckster is encoded in the last four digits of the serial number, usually found on a metal plate near the emergency brake or under the driver’s seat. The format is typically six numbers, a dash, followed by four more numbers, with the last four indicating the year of manufacture.

Where can I find parts for my Cushman Truckster restoration project?

You can get parts from dealers like Vintage Golf Cart Parts and RDM. You can also get them from online marketplaces and forums for Cushman enthusiasts. Joining a Cushman Truckster club or online community can also provide leads on where to find specific parts.

What are some tips for restoring a Cushman Truckster?

  • Document every step of the disassembly and restoration process.
  • Prioritize finding original or high-quality replica parts to maintain authenticity.
  • Seek advice from the Cushman community for specific restoration challenges.
  • Be patient and thorough in your restoration efforts to ensure the best outcome.

How often should I perform maintenance on my Cushman Truckster?

Regular maintenance schedules vary depending on usage, but it’s recommended to:

* Check the engine oil and perform oil changes regularly.
* Inspect the battery, tires, and brakes periodically for signs of wear or deterioration.
* Lubricate moving parts to ensure smooth operation.
* Keep the Truckster clean to prevent rust and corrosion.

Can I use my Cushman Truckster for daily tasks or should it be for show only?

Many Cushman Trucksters are fully functional and can be used for daily tasks, provided they are maintained properly. However, if your Truckster is a rare model or has been meticulously restored, you might choose to reserve it for shows and parades to preserve its condition.

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  • What Year Is My Cushman Truckster? – Model, Year And Serial Master Chart

    What Year Is My Cushman Truckster? – Model, Year And Serial Master Chart

    Introduction to What Year Is My Cushman Truckster? The Cushman Truckster year is in the last 4 digits of the serial number. It will be 1952 to 2002 depending on the serial plate, usually located by the handbrake. I have included a chart below for each year’s specific models. What is a Cushman Truckster? As…

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  • The Ultimate DIY Golf Cart Repair Articles: Say Goodbye to Golf Cart Gremlins

    The Ultimate DIY Golf Cart Repair Articles: Say Goodbye to Golf Cart Gremlins

    Golf Cart Repair Articles on Golf Cart Tips Fixing golf carts is a wide-ranging field that covers a vast array of services and abilities needed to keep these handy vehicles running smoothly and safely. Whether you’re using them on a golf course, for casual travel in a neighborhood, or for different business and factory uses,…

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  • 5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Golf Cart Motor Says ‘Fix Me!’

    5 Tell-Tale Signs Your Golf Cart Motor Says ‘Fix Me!’

    Ever had that moment when your golf cart motor decides to throw a fit, leaving you stranded halfway to the 18th hole? Yeah, that sinking feeling when you turn the key, and instead of purring to life, it gives you the silent treatment. Or worse, it starts coughing and sputtering like it’s caught a cold.…

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