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12 Great Reasons You Should Own A Golf Cart

12 Reasons You Should Own A Golf Cart Featured Image

Last Updated on March 6, 2024 by Chuck Wilson

There is a rising trend of homeowners opting for golf carts over their gas-guzzling cars. This shift is largely due to the fact that golf carts are easier to park, maintain, and maneuver within neighborhoods.

In addition to their ease of use, golf carts also offer a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation compared to traditional cars. Unlike cars, golf carts operate on electricity, eliminating the need for gasoline and reducing harmful emissions.

So what are the reasons you should own a golf cart?

They are affordable and fuel-efficient. They are useful. They are Fun!

This is a list of 12 reasons they are not only a great idea but will quickly become indispensable in your day to day life.

1. Golf Carts are affordable

On average, a used golf cart can cost from a few hundred to a couple of thousand dollars. For example, the cart displayed on the right sidebar was purchased for $2400. Comparatively, new golf carts are much less expensive than dependable used cars and are much simpler to maintain. However, their limitation is that they can’t be driven on regular streets with speed limits exceeding 30 miles per hour.

The electric golf carts, especially the newer models, have an impressive range. They can cover one or two 18-hole golf courses on a single charge. Charging them is quite convenient too, as it can be done overnight while you’re sleeping. Those powered by lithium batteries can travel 30 to 40 miles before they need recharging. However, this means you’ll usually have to wait overnight for your cart to be ready to go again.

On the other hand, the range of gasoline golf carts is only limited by the amount of gasoline you have. They can keep going as long as you have fuel.

In conclusion, both new and used golf carts, whether electric or gasoline, are affordable and easy-to-maintain alternatives to cars. They are perfect for golf courses and other areas with speed limits under 30 mph.

2. Golf Carts Are Fuel Efficient

In general terms, the gasoline consumption of carts is similar to that of motorcycles. This is because the need for power is smaller, resulting in smaller engine sizes and less need for gasoline to travel from one location to another. For instance, I only need to fill my Club Car’s 5-gallon tank roughly two times a year.

Modern gasoline-powered golf carts are designed to run only when the pedal is pressed, stopping once the vehicle is halted. This efficient use of fuel is a defining feature of these carts, making them a popular choice for many.

On the other hand, electric carts are plugged in overnight, charging sufficiently for an average day’s journey around the golf course or through the neighborhood. These types of carts are becoming increasingly popular due to their efficiency and ease of use.

3. Golf Carts Are Environmentally Friendly

Golf carts, even those not powered by batteries, produce significantly less emissions than cars or motorcycles. Some older models of these carts use a system called oil injection or a mixture of oil and gas, which may cause a bit of smoke. However, these older models are slowly becoming less common.

4. Golf Carts Are Easy To Store

The footprint of a golf cart is compact enough to comfortably fit in a 2-car garage along with two automobiles. This small size allows for easy storage in a storage room, provided the door’s width is sufficient (approximately 49-54 inches). A free-standing storage solution is an excellent choice for storing a golf cart. It can be conveniently folded and packed away when not in use, optimizing space in your garage or storage room.

5. Golf Carts Are Easy To Transport

When you need to haul your golf cart to a distant location, a 5′ x 7′ trailer or a large-bed pickup truck can do the job. If you use a trailer, it should have tie-downs or wheel chocks. These secure the cart during transit to ensure no damage or shifting occurs. For a pickup truck, ramps can make loading and unloading easier.

Remember, safety is key when transporting your golf cart. So, cover it with a tarp or protective cover. This shields the cart from weather, especially on long journeys. Also, always check the weight limits of your truck or trailer to avoid problems on the road.

6. Golf Carts Are Fun

On the 4th of July, my neighbors and I loaded up the Igloo ice chests and picnic baskets and took the back trails to the lake. We enjoyed the afternoon chatting and listening to patriotic music over the golf cart’s speakers while their kids played and waded in the water. After watching the firework display from the comfort of the cart, we switched on the headlights and headed back down the trails toward home. Many recreational trips like this happen simply because we have immediate access to medium-range destinations. One of our neighbors and his wife and dog spend Summer sunsets on Fridays at the lake.

7. Golf Carts Can Be Used As Utility Vehicles

Vacation cottages offer a housekeeping staff that visits several cabins and apartments per day to change the sheets, wash the laundry, and empty the trash. Using a golf cart to jump from condo to condo is ideal for this purpose. Sheets, cleaning supplies, fresh towels, etc can be transported with ease from one location to the next. Golf carts can be outfitted with all of the storage and easy access to tools and supplies.

Campgrounds use golf carts to shuttle in between cabins and campsites and airports routinely use electric golf carts to shuttle passengers from one terminal to the next. Garvin Gardens in our local national park uses golf carts year-round.

8. Golf Carts Provide Mobility To The Physically Disabled

Considering that the carts originally started as motorized wheelchairs, it’s no surprise the many of the people who have physical challenges to getting around their neighborhoods could benefit from using a golf cart. Many of the older residents that have been getting around with a walker have no problem at all driving around the neighborhoods and visiting friends and venues in the area.

Golf carts allow door-to-door travel without having to negotiate steep or long driveways…just park on the sidewalk near the front door.

9. Golf Carts Are A Great Hobby For Collecting And Rebuilding

Barn finds and junk sales can bring in some of the coolest vehicles, and the sky’s the limit on the modifications you can make. A modest amount of money upfront can occupy you for hours fixing up and personalizing your acquisitions.

Unless you’re into the 60-year-old models there is a wealth of manuals and instructions for repairing and maintaining golf carts on the web. I am continually trying to obtain and post the rarer of the documents on this site, so check back often.

For a list of ideas of tools to keep on hand, check out this post on building your own business.

10. Golf Carts Can Be A Status Symbol

Let’s face it. I love it when I pull up to the clubhouse in my ram style club car and a bunch of people are clapping saying “I love it!” I bought this particular golf cart because it didn’t look like all the others. A few years ago, Peachtree City in Georgia was referred to as the golf cart capital of the world with a hundred miles of tar paths jam-packed with teenagers running back and forth in their status symbols.

More and more, the interest in golf carts is not being driven by old folk, but with the 40-year-old generation x er who looks forward to customizing his cart with wheels and tires and stereos and lights. From custom paint jobs to speed modified racers, the lonely little golf cart has started to become a must-have in communities across the United States.
Even the color of the golf carts has changed from brown, red, or blue and turned into ice river blue or flaming tangerine. The led lights can be seen traveling up and down the hiking trails at night like a militarized troop of fireflies.

11. Golf Carts Do Not Require Licensing…In Most Cases

Golf courses have their own tags for yearly use, but to run on the trails and backstreets will not require you to tag your cart. Insurance is also not required even if it IS advisable to have it. Insurance is very affordable in comparison to an automobile and may be available as a rider on your car insurance policy.

12. Golf Carts Are Easy To Park

Ever wanted to park your car in the backyard but you knew it would take a Caterpillar to get it back out? How about on the patio under the awning when the hail storms come in? The small footprint of your golf cart makes it easy to park in unusual places and the low weight keeps it from ruining the landscaping. I usually have my cart right there alongside the bicycles at the country club.

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