Wrapping A Golf Cart

Wrapping A Golf Cart – It’s Easier Than You Thought!

Wrapping a golf cart is a low-cost alternative to painting and provides the means of putting graphics on your ride with an almost limitless variety of designs. You can buy a pre-cut kit to fit your particular model of golf cart or get a roll of the solid color / graphic design and custom-fit it

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How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost

How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost? A Buyer’s Perspective

So you’ve taken up golfing as a hobby, or you’ve got a large farm acreage that you need to get around easily. Grandma just turned 80 and needs to get to the neighbor’s house down the road, or you just need to move things around your landscape without wearing out your back. Welcome to the

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Cushman Motor Works Building

A History of the Cushman Motor Works

Everett and Clinton Cushman and several members of their large family of farmers and machinists moved from Wisconsin to Lincoln, Nebraska in the late 1890s.  Clinton attended the University of Nebraska, graduating with an Engineering Degree. His sister Lucy also was a student at the university. Their brother Leslie was an engineer at B&M Pump

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EZGO Model 400

EZGO Model 400 Wiring And Troubleshooting

The model 400 appeared with several different configurations:  a 5-speed with 7 solenoids and a two-speed motor, a 3-speed with 6 solenoids, and a 4-speed with one solenoid. Model 400B The 400b came with a 2-speed reversible series motor with an integral speed sensing device. The use of the two-speed motor allowed less strain on

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Yamaha G2-G9

Yamaha G1A and G1E Wiring Troubleshooting Diagrams 1979-89

Yamaha’s premiere cart in 1979 was the G1A Model J10 Gas powered vehicle that featured an Autolube Oil Injection System to supply oil to the engine in precise oil-to-gas ratios. This eliminated the premixing of the oil and gas and improved combustion, oil consumption, and carbon buildup. In 1980, Yamaha introduced the G1E 36 volt

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Best Golf Cart Mirrors

Golf Cart Mirrors – My Top Picks

Driving down the trails, paths, and streets, the big safety blind spot is what is happening or coming up from behind. You will probably be going slower than approaching cars, semi’s, motorcycles, zombies, etc. so keeping aware of your surroundings at all times is a must. Not all golf carts come equipped with mirrors, and

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Battery Terminal Corrosion

Why Won’t My Golf Cart Start?

Just like your automobile, sometimes your golf cart is going to give you trouble, usually when you need it the most! the secret to solving this problem is a step-by-step diagnosis of all the failure points it could be.  Why your golf cart won’t start? If you turn the key, press the pedal, and nothing

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Troubleshooting Cushman Golf Carts 1954-58

Troubleshooting Cushman Golfsters 1954-58 Wiring Diagrams

The 731 and 732 series numbers indicate electric vehicles, 731 for industrials, and 732 for Golfsters. The first golf carts called “Golf Buggies” were essentially a modified model 60 powered by a scooter engine and were built in the years 1949 through 1954. They were not tagged with a series number but were given serial

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My name is Chuck… Welcome to my Site!

Chuck and his cart

I have a 1996 Club Car DS with a custom body installed. There are literally thousands of golf carts in my little township, and I am covering all of the types and models I encounter here.

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