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Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker Review

Last Updated on January 31, 2024 by Chuck Wilson

Today, I am going to share my thoughts and experiences with the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker. As an avid golfer, having the right equipment is essential for my game. I recently got my hands on this speaker, and I must say, it has been a game-changer.

Pros and Cons

What We Liked

  1. EASY-TO-READ LCD SCREEN: The Wingman View comes with an LCD screen that provides visual distance and music information. It’s incredibly simple to read and adds a new layer of convenience.
  2. AUDIBLE CALLOUTS: With over 36,000 courses worldwide, the Wingman View provides audible distance readings by simply pressing the remote button. This feature has saved me time and helped me make more informed decisions on the course.
  3. VIEW HAZARD DISTANCES: The Wingman View displays up to 6 audible and viewable hazard distances per hole, making it easier to strategize and avoid obstacles. The Front, Center, and Back readings of the green are visible and audibly announced.
  4. INTEGRATED BITE MAGNETIC CART MOUNT: The BITE magnetic mount allows you to easily attach the Wingman View to the cart bar, ensuring it stays securely in place throughout your game.
  5. REMOVABLE BITE REMOTE: The redesigned remote features an enhanced BITE magnetic connection and offers additional functionalities such as GPS distances, volume control, song selection, and sound bites. It is intuitive and easy to use.

What Can Be Improved

  1. Screen Visibility in Bright Sunlight: Although the LCD screen is generally easy to read, it can be slightly challenging in bright sunlight. It would be great to have improved screen visibility in such conditions.
  2. Size and Weight: The Wingman View is slightly larger and heavier compared to other golf speakers available in the market. While it doesn’t affect functionality, a more compact and lightweight design would be a welcomed improvement.

Quick Verdict

Overall, the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker is an outstanding addition to any golfer’s arsenal. With its visual distance display, audible callouts, and hazard view, it provides accurate and timely information on the course. The integrated BITE magnetic cart mount ensures it stays securely attached to the cart, while the removable remote adds convenience and versatility. Despite minor drawbacks in outdoor visibility and size, the Wingman View performs exceptionally well, making it a worthy investment for golf enthusiasts.

If you’re looking to enhance your golfing experience and stay on top of your game, I highly recommend checking out the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker.

Unboxing – What’s Inside?

I recently purchased the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker from Amazon and I was excited to try it out. The delivery was surprisingly fast, and I received it within a couple of days of placing the order.

Inside the box, I found the main product, which is the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker itself. It had a sleek black and orange design that immediately caught my attention. Along with the speaker, there was also a remote control, which is a great addition for convenience while using the device. The box also contained one CR2032 battery for the remote control.


Brand: Bushnell

Manufacturer: Bushnell

Dimensions: 7.3 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches

Weight: 1.44 pounds

First Available: April 29, 2023

Documentation/ User Guide

The documentation provided with the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker was quite useful. It provided clear instructions on how to set up and use the speaker. The user guide also explained the different features and functionalities of the device in detail. I found it helpful in quickly getting familiar with the speaker’s functions and maximizing its potential.

Features – What We Found


The Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker features a new LCD screen that displays both visual distance and music information. This easy-to-read screen allows you to quickly glance at your distance readings and music selection without any distractions. The LCD screen provides clear and crisp visuals, ensuring that you can easily see the information even under bright sunlight or low-light conditions.

With the LCD screen, you no longer have to rely solely on audible distance readings. Instead, you can now have a visual reference of the distances on the course, giving you added confidence in your club selection. The screen also displays music information, allowing you to conveniently control your playlist directly from the speaker.

Pro-tip: Make sure to adjust the brightness and contrast settings on the LCD screen to suit your visibility preferences and the lighting conditions on the golf course.


The Wingman View offers audible distance readings for over 36,000 courses worldwide. Simply press the remote button, and you’ll hear the distance to the desired target. This feature allows you to acquire distance information quickly and without having to look at the LCD screen. The audible callouts provide you with instant feedback, helping you make informed decisions about your shots.

By combining audible and visual distance information, the Wingman View ensures that you have multiple ways to access crucial data on the course. Whether you prefer the convenience of audible callouts or the precision of visual distance readings, this GPS speaker has you covered.

Check out the product here for more information.


The Wingman View provides up to six audible and viewable hazard distances per hole. With the LCD screen and remote, you can easily see and hear the distances to hazards on the course. This feature is particularly valuable when navigating unfamiliar courses or complex layouts.

Not only will you be able to see the front, center, and back distances of the green on the LCD screen, but you’ll also receive audible callouts for each. This comprehensive hazard information allows you to plan and execute your shots more effectively, avoiding potential pitfalls and maximizing your chances of success.

Having hazard information readily available and delivered audibly ensures you stay informed and focused on your game, helping you maintain a strategic approach throughout the round.


The Wingman View comes equipped with Bushnell’s franchise BITE magnetic mount, allowing you to easily attach the speaker to the cart bar. This integrated mount ensures secure and stable positioning, so you don’t have to worry about the speaker falling or moving during your round.

The BITE magnetic mount provides a hassle-free solution, eliminating the need for additional accessories or complicated installations. Simply attach the Wingman View to the cart, and you’re ready to go. This practical feature enables you to focus on your game and enjoy the convenience of having your GPS speaker easily accessible throughout the round.

Pro-tip: Before attaching the Wingman View to the cart, ensure that the mount is securely fastened and in a position that doesn’t obstruct your view or interfere with your swing.


The Wingman View’s redesigned remote features an enhanced BITE magnetic connection. This allows for a secure attachment to the speaker and ensures easy removal when needed. The remote offers various functions, including GPS distance readings, volume adjustment, song selection, sound bites, and 1st tee introductions.

The removable BITE remote provides added convenience, allowing you to control and customize your golfing experience without having to reach for the speaker itself. Whether you’re adjusting the volume to suit your preference, changing songs to match your mood, or utilizing the sound bites and 1st tee introductions to create an immersive atmosphere, the remote puts the power in your hands.

With the enhanced BITE magnetic connection, you can trust that the remote will stay securely attached to the speaker throughout your round, ensuring quick and seamless control whenever you need it.

How Does the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker Compare to Electric Golf Scooters and Cart Bikes?

When comparing the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker to the best electric golf scooters and cart bikes, the Wingman stands out for its dual functionality as a GPS and a portable speaker. While electric scooters and cart bikes offer convenient transportation on the course, the Wingman enhances the overall golfing experience.

Our Review

Our Score: 83.0

I recently purchased the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker, and I have to say, it has been a great addition to my golfing experience. The easy-to-read LCD screen provides clear and accurate distance and music information, making it a breeze to navigate the course. The audible callouts, with distance readings from over 36,000 courses worldwide, are a game-changer. With just a press of a button on the remote, I can easily get the information I need.

One of the standout features of the Wingman View is the viewable hazard distances. With up to 6 audible and viewable hazard distances per hole displayed on the LCD screen, I feel more confident in my shot choices. The ability to see and hear the front, center, and back readings of the green is extremely helpful.

The integrated BITE magnetic cart mount is a genius design. It allows me to securely attach the Wingman View to the cart bar, ensuring that it is always within reach. The removable BITE remote is also a great addition. It offers an enhanced magnetic connection and enables me to get GPS distances, adjust volume, change songs, play sound bites, and even introduce myself on the 1st tee – all with ease.

If you’re in search of a reliable and multifunctional golf GPS speaker, I highly recommend the Bushnell Golf Wingman View. It combines excellent sound quality with user-friendly features, making it a must-have for any golfer. You can find more information about the product and purchase it here.

Best combination

BOVKE Carrying Case

If you are considering purchasing the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker, I highly recommend also getting the BOVKE Carrying Case as an additional product. This combination will provide you with a convenient and organized way to carry your golf GPS speaker, charging cords, and accessories.

The BOVKE Carrying Case features an extra mesh pocket where you can safely store your charging cords and other accessories. This means you won’t have to worry about them getting tangled or damaged while in transit. The case is designed in a sleek black and orange color, which perfectly complements the aesthetic of the Bushnell Golf GPS Speaker.

Not only does the BOVKE Carrying Case provide practicality and protection, but it also adds a touch of style. The durable material ensures the safety of your device, while the compact size allows for easy transport in your golf bag or backpack.

By investing in the combination of the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker and the BOVKE Carrying Case, you can have complete peace of mind knowing that your valuable golf GPS speaker and accessories are safe, organized, and easily accessible whenever you need them.

Make sure to purchase the BOVKE Carrying Case along with the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker to enhance your golfing experience. Get them now and enjoy the convenience and protection they provide!

Other Options To Consider

When it comes to selecting a golf GPS speaker, there are several great options available in the market. While the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker is undoubtedly a top-notch choice, there are a few other products that you might want to consider. These alternatives offer similar features and functionalities, catering to different preferences and needs.

If you’re looking for something slightly different, the Bushnell Golf Wingman Mini GPS Speaker is a great alternative. It offers audible and accurate distances as well as multiple mounting options for both cart and walking.

Another excellent alternative is the Rad Golf Sound+ Ultimate GPS Bluetooth Golf Speaker. This speaker not only provides GPS functionality, but it also offers Bluetooth connectivity and super strong magnetism, allowing you to easily attach it to your golf cart. Its IPX6 waterproof rating ensures it can withstand various weather conditions, and it even doubles as a power bank to charge your devices.

If you’re interested in a bundled package, you might want to consider the Wearable4U Bushnell Wingman Mini Orange/White GPS Bluetooth Speaker. This bundle includes the Bushnell Wingman Mini GPS speaker in orange/white color, ultimate white earbuds, and wall/car chargers. It offers a complete solution for your golfing needs.

Lastly, for a compact and sleek option, the Bushnell Golf Phantom 2, Golf GPS is worth considering. With its black design, it provides accurate distances without the bulkiness of a traditional GPS device. Its convenient clip-on feature allows for easy attachment to your golf bag or belt.

In conclusion, while the Bushnell Golf Wingman View Golf GPS Speaker is an exceptional choice, these alternative products offer similar features and functionalities that might suit your preferences better. Whether you’re looking for visible or audible distances, multiple mounting options, Bluetooth connectivity, or a compact design, these alternatives have got you covered. So, why not explore these options and choose the one that best fits your needs?

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