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How to Choose the Best Golf Cart Trailer for Your Needs

Best golf Cart Trailer

Last Updated on March 19, 2024 by Chuck Wilson

Choosing the best golf cart trailer involves more than a quick look. You must consider various factors. These include the trailer type, its size, safety features, and legal compliance.

It’s not only about moving your golf cart. It’s also about safe, efficient, and legal transport. This choice can affect your golf cart’s lifespan and your peace of mind.

Let’s look closer at these points. We’ll guide you to a smart decision.

Key Takeaways

  • Check the trailer’s size, weight capacity, and type of suspension to ensure it fits your golf cart’s specifications.
  • Safety is essential. Look for strong frames, reliable tie-down straps, and functional lighting for safe golf cart transport.
  • Pick trailers with easy loading and unloading designs. Features like fold-down ramps and back hatches are beneficial.
  • Compare various models. Consider the construction materials, any safety certifications, and read customer reviews. Don’t forget to check warranty options.

Choosing The Best Golf Cart Trailers

In the world of golf, golf cart trailers are key. They are made to carry golf carts safely from one course to another or on road trips. They come in many kinds like open, enclosed, utility, and custom trailers. They meet different needs. The golf cart’s size and weight must match the trailer’s weight limit. This is to keep things safe during travel.

Utility trailers are a top choice because they are useful and flexible. Enclosed trailers give extra protection against weather. This matters when you pull your golf cart over many miles. A good golf cart trailer has strong frames, secure tie-down straps, and working lights. These features keep things safe and follow the law.

Picking the right trailer needs careful review of the golf cart’s size, weight, and use. So, knowing about golf cart trailers is the first step to make a good choice. Remember, following the law, considering the material, and regular upkeep are all key. They make sure towing is safe and works well. So, choosing a trailer is about more than size and weight. It’s also about its quality, features, and following rules.

Evaluating Trailer Sizes

When choosing a trailer size for your golf cart, consider three main points: dimensions, weight, and suspension type. A standard-sized cart usually needs a 5×10 trailer. The trailer size depends on the size and weight of your cart.

  1. Dimensions: Look at the length, width, and height of your golf cart. Small carts might fit on a 5×8 trailer. Larger carts need bigger trailers.
  2. Weight: The golf cart’s weight should be less than the trailer’s weight limit. Overloading can lead to accidents.
  3. Suspension Type: The type of suspension your cart has matters. Some carts need a trailer with a strong suspension system to avoid damage during transport.

Choosing the right trailer size is not just about preference. It’s necessary for safe and efficient transport. An ill-fitted trailer can cause instability while towing. This increases the risk of accidents and damage to your cart. So, match the trailer size with your golf cart’s specifications for secure transport.

Safety Standards and Considerations

Understanding golf cart trailer safety standards and considerations is vital. Key aspects include strong frames, secure tie-down straps, and working lighting. These elements, along with balanced weight, stop the golf cart from moving during transport.

Using strong tie-down methods is critical for road safety. The straps should be tough and fit the golf cart to prevent accidents. Overloading the trailer can harm its safety features and cause damage. Thus, understanding the trailer’s weight distribution and load capacity is crucial.

Following laws is also important. Obeying local and national laws about trailer size, weight and safety rules is not just a legal duty, but it also makes things safer. Working lighting signals and brake lights are important for being seen and for communication on the road.

Loading and Unloading Techniques

Understanding how to use a golf cart trailer is crucial. It’s about understanding its parts like the back hatch, ramp, and user-friendly design. Choosing and using these parts carefully is key to safe and easy use.

  1. Back Hatch as a Ramp: Look for trailers with back hatches that double as ramps. This makes loading and unloading easier. You don’t need separate ramp gear, which simplifies the process.
  2. Fit: Make sure the trailer fits the golf cart right. This stops accidents when you load and unload. It also makes sure the weight is spread evenly for safe travel.
  3. User-friendly Design: Look for trailers with things like fold-down ramps or tailgates. These things make the trailer easier to use, so loading and unloading is less hard work.
  4. Safety Rating: Always look at the trailer’s safety rating. If it’s high, it shows that the trailer can carry the weight of the golf cart safely. This is important when you’re loading and unloading.

Comparing Top Trailer Models

Finding the perfect golf cart trailer involves looking at a few key things. Size, weight capacity, construction materials, and extra features are all important. Trailers that can carry a lot of weight are good. They can safely hold the golf cart. Certifications for safety are something else to think about. These show that the trailer is safe to use.

The materials used to make the trailer matter a lot. Strong, durable materials can help the trailer last longer. High-quality parts are important for a trailer that can handle being moved around a lot. Some trailers are easier to load than others. Some even have extra places to tie things down for safe travel.

What people say about the trailer can help you decide if it’s good or not. If a lot of people say good things about it, it’s probably a good choice. Price, warranty options, and extra features also matter. These can help you figure out if the trailer is worth your money. By looking at all these things, you can find the best golf cart trailer for you.

How Much Do Golf Carts Weigh? – A Comparison of The Top 40

A golf cart’s weight (Listed as Curb Weight) is vital to know when it comes to determining if your trailer is up to the task. Your vehicle should be checked to ensure it can pull the combined weight.

The golf cart’s weight is between 630 and 1600 lbs based on the available new models in the top three manufacturers, EZGO, Club Car, and Yamaha. These numbers vary due to passenger capacity, gas or electric, and aluminum or steel frames.

Owning a lightweight SUV like my Honda HRV, I was concerned about the towing capacity I need versus the weight of the trailer to pull plus the golf cart’s weight. Obviously, an electric cart is going to have two different weights: with batteries and without. The batteries are 63 to 72 lbs each, and you can multiply that times how many your cart takes.

Below is a table listing the top three manufacturers’ published specifications.

ManufacturerModelDimensions (Height omitted – Varies With Top/No Top)Curb Weight (with Batteries)Dry Weight (without Batteries)
Freedom RXV Gas93.5 in. length x47 in. width747 lbs697 lbs
Freedom RXV Electric93.5 in. length x47 in. width970 lbs642 lbs
Freedom RXV ELiTE93.5 in. length x47 in. width774 lbs674 lbs
Freedom RXV 2+2 Gas105.5 in. length x 47 in. width825 lbs785 lbs
Freedom RXV 2+2 Electric105.5 in length x 47 in. width1002 lbs674 lbs
Freedom RXV 2+2 ELiTE105.5 in. length x 47 in. width859 lbs759 lbs
Freedom TXT Gas93 in. length x 47 in. width750 lbs706 lbs
Freedom TXT Electric93 in. length x 47 in. width972 lbs606 lbs
Freedom TXT ELiTE93 in. length x 47 in. width638 lbs588 lbs
Freedom TXT 2+2 Gas106 in. length x 47 in. width896 lbs861 lbs
Freedom TXT 2+2 Electric106 in. length x 47 in. width1036 lbs658 lbs
Freedom TXT 2+2 ELiTE106 in. length x 47 in. width859 lbs759 lbs
72-Volt Freedom93.5 in. length x 47 in. width1200 lbs573 lbs
Express S4 Gas114 in. length x 48.5 in. width984 lbs937 lbs
Express S4 Electric114 in. length x 48.5 in. width1210 lbs844 lbs
Express S4 High Output114 in. length x 48.5 in. width1210 lbs844 lbs
Express S6 Gas141.5 in. length x 48.5 in width1039 lbs992 lbs
Express S6 Electric135.8 in. length x 49 in. width1456 lbs964 lbs
Express L6 Gas143.5 in. length x 49 in. width1110 lbs1063 lbs
Express L6 Electric143.5 in. length x 49 in. width1560 lbs964 lbs
2Five Electric107.1 in. length x 47.3 in. width1200 lbs872 lbs
Valor93.5 in. length x 47 in. width816 lbs776 lbs
Club Car
Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Electric114 in. length x 49.5 in. width1125 lbs
Onward Lifted 4 Passenger Gas114 in. length x 49.5 in. width875 lbs
Onward 4 Passenger Electric108 in. length x 48.75 in. width1070 lbs
Onward 4 Passenger Gas108 in. length x 48.75 in. width795 lbs
Onward 2 Passenger Electric92 in. length x 48.75 in. width975 lbs
Onward 2 Passenger Gas92 in. length x 48.75 in. width675 lbs
Precedent Stretch PTV144 in. length x 47.25 in. width1176 lbs
Villager 2 Electric92 in. length x 47 in width909 lbs
Villager 2 Gas92 in. length x 47 in width651 lbs
Drive 2 – Fleet93.6 in. length x 47.3 in. width720 lbs
Drive 2 – PTV93.6 in. length x 47.3 in. width720 lbs
Concierge 4128 in. Length x 47.2 in. width767 lbs
Concierge 6161.4 in. length x 47.2 in. width1010 lbs
Adventurer Sport107.3 in. length x 51 in. width823.4 lbs
Adventurer Sport 2+2 Gas108.9 in. length x 50.9 in. width 905 lbs
Adventurer Sport 2+2 Electric108.9 in. length x 50.9 in. width 788.1 lbs
Umax One111.45 in. length x 49.33 in. width930 lbs
Umax Two119.37 in. length x 49.33 in. width1003 lbs

Tongue Weight

How Do You Find Your Golf Cart Trailer’s Tongue Weight?
This widget from Double D Trailers can help calculate the tongue weight by inputting the weight of the trailer, length of the trailer (Note: this is minus the tongue), and the distance from the center of the axle or axles.

Trailer Capacity

Trailer Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) is the amount of weight the trailer can carry. Some manufacturers rate the GVWR at the lowest component rating, while others include the trailer’s weight on top of the trailer capacity. If you have a trailer that weighs 2,000 pounds, that weight must be included in the capacity formula to stay under the GVWR.

There are several methods that manufacturers use to determine the GVWR of their trailers:

  1. Taking the lowest rating of the trailer components.
  2. Using the hub and wheel rating.
  3. Using the axle or tire rating.

All of these methods will determine the GVWR at the axle. In other words, if your axle is rated at 2000 pounds and you have two axles, your GVWR will be 4000 pounds.

Payload capacity is determined by one of these two formulas:

GVWR – Trailer Weight = Payload Capacity
GVWR – Trailer Weight + Tongue Weight = Payload Capacity

Frequently Asked Questions

What Size Trailer Is Best for a Golf Cart?

The trailer size needed for a golf cart depends on its dimensions. A 5×10 trailer is usually good for standard-sized golf carts. Yet, a 5×8 trailer can work for smaller golf carts.
Always check the trailer’s weight capacity, durability, and materials. These factors ensure the safe transport of your golf cart.
You might also want to think about customized trailers. They can offer the best safety and efficiency for your golf cart transport.

How Do I Choose the Right Trailer?

Choosing the right trailer involves a few key factors. The durability of the trailer should be your first concern. What materials are used? Are they built to last? This is important for the trailer’s longevity and maintenance.

Next, consider the weight and loading capacity of the trailer. It needs to have the right balance. Too heavy, and it may be hard to pull. Too light, and it might not carry your load.

Price is also a factor. Comparing prices among different trailer brands can help you get the most value for your money.
Next, check the wheel compatibility and hitch requirements with your vehicle. This makes sure your car can safely pull the trailer.

Safety is key. Look for features like secure tie-downs and adequate lighting. These are essential for safe transport.
Finally, keep in mind the weight capacity of the trailer. This ensures it can safely carry your load.

Lastly, consider regular maintenance. This keeps your trailer in good shape.

The utility trailer size most people prefer is 5 feet wide by 10 feet long. It’s a top choice for those who need to move golf carts. This size gives users the flexibility they need. It can easily handle standard-sized golf carts, but there’s room for customization too. These trailers are made from strong materials. They offer a good balance between how much they can carry and how easy they are to move.

There are different trailer brands out there. Each one has its own safety features and accessories. These features affect the trailer’s durability and how often it needs maintenance. They also impact the cost-effectiveness of different trailer sizes.

Will a Golf Cart Fit on a 7×4 Trailer?

A 7×4 trailer may not be the best choice for transporting a golf cart. The typical measurements of a golf cart range from 4 to 5 feet in width. Thus, the size of your golf cart may not fit well on the trailer.

You must consider the weight of the cart, the way you position it on the trailer, and how you secure it. The type of trailer and the materials it’s made of can also affect its suitability.

For safer transportation, you might want to consider larger trailers, like a 5×8 trailer or a 5×10 trailer.

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