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What Year Is My Yamaha Golf Cart? Yamaha Golf Cart Models By Year

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What Year Is My Yamaha Golf Cart? The year and model of your Yamaha golf cart is found in the first 4 digits of the serial number code. This the listing of all of the models and the years they were produced. You will also be able to locate your specific yamaha golf cart models by year in the guide below.

Your Serial Number Plate is located in one of three places:

  1. Under the rear bumper on the frame
  2. Under the seat cover where the floor board joins to the motor compartment
  3. Under driver side glove box

The specific location will be shown below based on your Yamaha model.

In 1979, Yamaha’s main competition was E-Z-Go and Harley Davidson (AMF). The body style changes over the years for the Yamaha golf cart models are a little more subtle than those of the E-Z-Go and Club Car. Because of these minor changes, many of you are wondering what year is my Yamaha golf cart. Well, sooner or later, you will need the year model of your golf cart to find replacement parts.

How Do I Find What Year Is My Yamaha Golf Cart Using the Serial Number?

Locate the serial number according to the illustrations accompanying the models listed below, then match up the number in the range shown on the tables.

Yamaha Model G1 1979 – 1989

Yamaha entered the golf cart scene with the model G1, which sported a 2-cycle gas engine. Club Car was not even producing gas-powered golf carts at this time. The G1 was introduced in 1979 and production on the electric was discontinued in 1986, the gas model ended in 1989. The vehicle has bucket seats and the entire rear body and top swing up and back to access the drive train.

Yamaha Model G1 1979-1989
Model G1

The G1 is powered by 1. A 2 cycle gas engine with an oil injection system or 2. By 36-volt electric motors & six 6V batteries. The G1 underwent several alterations over 10 years of production. The different early models (and model year of manufacture) are identified by the serial number and its prefix.

The original ‘J10’ model is followed by the ‘J17’, the ‘J24’ and finally the ‘J31’ model. The engines and bodies stayed very similar throughout the G1 model design.
The Yamaha G1 golf car has never had a standard ‘factory’ top assembly. There were several aftermarket manufacturers that provided the top section so, in order to get a wrap-around rain curtain to fit your G1, it’s pretty important to get the manufacturer’s name that produced YOUR cart top.

Serial Number Location

The identification numbers are located near the drivers side rear tire underneath the golf cart on the square cross member of the frame.

G1E Electric Yamaha
Serial NumberModelYear
J14-000101 to J14-099999G1-E1980
J14-100101 to J14-099999G1-E21981
J22-000101 to J22-099999G1-E31982
J26-000101 to J26-099999G1-EM31983
J36-000101 to J36-009999G1-EM41984
J36-010101 to J36-011211G1-EM51985
J36-011212 to J36-01xxxxG1-EM1986

Gas Yamaha G1
Serial NumberModelYear
J10-000101 to J10-007704G1-A11979
J10-007705 to J10-029999G1-A11980
J10-030101 to J10-049999G1-A21981
J17-000101 to J17-029999G1-A31982
J24-000101 to J24-029999G1-AM31983
J31-000101 to J31-099999G1-AM41984
J31-100101 to J31-139999G1-AM51985
J31-140101 to J31-149550G1-AM1986
J31-159082 to J31-1xxxxxG1-AMD1989

Yamaha G2

The Yamaha G2 began production in 1985 and the serial number can be located either under the seat towards the front of the golf cart or under the front bumper on the frame of the golf cart

Yamaha Model G2
Model G2

Gas Yamaha G2A
Serial NumberModelYear
J38-000101 to J10-007100G2-A51985
J38-007101 to J38-066100G2-A1986
J38-066101 to J41-020100G2-A1986
J38-020101 to J38-071100G2-AB1987
J38-071101 to J38-07xxxxG2-AB1988
JA2-000001 to JA2-xxxxxxG2-AC1988
J55-000101 to J55-100119G2-AD1989
J55-100120 to J55-200100G2-AF1990
J55-200101 to J55-20xxxxG2-AG1991

Electric Yamaha G2E
Serial NumberModelYear
J41-000101 to J10-016100G2-E51985
J41-016101 to J41-030100G2-E1986
J41-030101 to J41-053100G2-EB1987
J41-053101 to J41-0xxxxxG2-EB1988
JE2-000101 to JE2-00xxxxG2-EC1988
J56-000101 to J56-100100G2-ED1989
J56-100101 to J56-200100G2-EF1990
J56-200101 to J56-20xxxxG2-EG1991

Yamaha G3 “Sun Classic” Models

In 1986, Yamaha introduced the Sun Classic (or G3) with a 2-cycle engine or 36-volt electric system. It was the first golf vehicle made with an integrated roof and tempered-glass windshield complete with a wiper. Headlights, a front trunk, turn signals, and custom dash, were standard equipment. The G3 was later replaced by a larger G5 Sun Classic.

Yamaha g3 serial locator
Serial Location For G3

The serial number for the Yamaha G3 Sun Classic model golf cart is usually located just under the rear bumper on the passenger’s side. It is stamped onto a tin tag which is riveted to the frame. It should begin with either a “J46” prefix for electric models and a “J42” prefix for gas models. See below.

Gas Yamaha G3A
Serial NumberModelYear
J42-000101 to J42-xxxxxxG3A1986

Electric Yamaha G3E
Serial NumberModelYear
J46-000101 to J46-xxxxxxG3E1987

Yamaha G5 “Sun Classic” Models

The serial number this model golf cart is usually located on the front of the vehicle stamped into a tin tag and riveted to the frame, underneath the cart on the main cross member of the forward frame.

G5 Serial location
Yamaha G5 Serial Location

Gas Yamaha G5A
Serial NumberModelYear
J50-000101 to J50-100100G5AF1990
J50-100101 to J50-1xxxxxG5AG1991
J50-200103 to J50-2xxxxxG5AH1992

Electric Yamaha G5E
Serial NumberModelYear
J51-000101 to J51-100100G5EF1990
J51-100101 to J51-1xxxxxG5EG1991
J50-200101 to J50-2xxxxxG5EH1992

Yamaha G8

The Yamaha G8 is a modified version of the fleet model G9 (See below). The G8 came out in 1990 and it exhibited a curved front cowl and rear fenders. It also has a long, full front bumper (side to side) and the seat bottom can be completely removed from the cart, whereas the G9 (and G2) seat bottom remains fixed to the seat pedestal and cannot be easily removed from the cart. The dash compartment interiors and dash trim are black. The G8 was retired in ’94.

Yamaha Model G8
Yamaha Model G8

The G8 Golf Cart serial number is located under the passenger side seat towards the front of the golf cart.

Gas Yamaha G8A
Serial NumberModelYear
JF2-000007 to JF2-100100G8AF1990
JF2-100101 to JF2-1xxxxxG8AG1991
JF2-200101 to JF2-2xxxxxG8AH1992
JF2-300101 to JF2-3xxxxxG8AJ1993
JF2-400101 to JF2-4xxxxxG8AK1994

Electric Yamaha G8E
Serial NumberModelYear
JF3-000005 to JF3-100100G8EF1990
JF3-100101 to JF3-1xxxxxG8EG1991
JF3-200101 to JF3-2xxxxxG8EH1992
JF3-300101 to JF3-3xxxxxG8EJ1993
JF3-400101 to JF3-401800G8EK1994
JF3-401801 to JF3-4xxxxxG8EKP1995

Yamaha Model G9

The G9 models started in 1991 with the prefix ‘JG5’, and the serial can be found just behind the back edge of the mat, under the seat pedestal in the engine compartment.

Yamaha Model G9
Yamaha Model G9

Gas Yamaha G9A (Fleet Master)
Serial NumberModelYear
JG5-000101 to JG5100100G9AG1991
JG5-100101 to JG5-10xxxxG9AH1992
JG5-200101 to JG5-2xxxxxG9AJ1993
JG5-300101 to JG5-3xxxxxG9AK1994
JG5-400101 to JG5-4xxxxxG9AM1995

Electric Yamaha G9E (Fleet Master)
Serial NumberModelYear
JG6-000001 to JG6-100100G9EG1991
JG6-100101 to JG6-1xxxxxG9EH11992
JH7-000125 to JH7-100100G9EH21992
JH7-100101 to JH7-1xxxxxG9EJ1993
JH7-200149 to JH7-201800G9EJ1994
JH7-201801 to JH7-2xxxxxG9EK/KP1994
JH7-300101 to JH7-3xxxxxG9EM1995

Yamaha Model G11

The Model G11 is a utility Vehicle used for maintenance and light hauling. It is also called the “Yamahauler”. This model came with a heavy-duty steel front bumper and an aluminum box with a tailgate and a rear trailer hitch. In 1996 they installed a larger 301cc engine in the G11.

The G11 Serial Number location is underneath the seat towards the rear of the golf cart.

Yamaha Model G11
Yamaha Model G11

Gas Yamaha G11A (Yamahauler)
Serial NumberModelYear
JJ3-000101 to JJ3-100100G11AJ1993
JJ3-100101 to JJ2-1xxxxxG11AK1994
JJ3-200101 to JJ3-2xxxxxG11AP1996
JR3-000101 to JR3-100100G11AR1997
JR3-100101 to JR3-1xxxxxG11AS1998
JR3-200101 to JR3-2xxxxxG11AT1999
JR3-300101 to JR3-3xxxxxG11AU2000
JR3-400101 to JR3-4xxxxxG11AW2001

Yamaha Models G14 G16 G19 G20

These serial numbers can be found just under the glove box on the far left of the driver’s side of the vehicle.

In 1995 the G14 was introduced followed in 1996 by the G16 and G19 which was Yamaha’s first 48-volt cart.

Yamaha Model G14/G16/G19/G20
Yamaha Model G14/G16/G19/G20

Gas Yamaha G14A (Ultima)
Serial NumberModelYear
JN3-100101 to JN3-1xxxxxG14AM1995
JN3-200101 to JN3-2xxxxxG14AP1996

Electric Yamaha G14E (Ultima)
Serial NumberModelYear
JN4-100101 to JN4-1xxxxxG14EM1995
JN4-200101 to JN4-2xxxxxG14EP1996

Gas Yamaha G16A (Ultima)
Serial NumberModelYear
JN6-000101 to JN6-100100G16AP1996
JN6-100101 to JN6-1xxxxxG16AR1997
JN6-200101 to JN6-2xxxxxG16AS1998
JN6 -300101 to JN6-3xxxxxG16AT1999
JN6-400101 to JN6-4xxxxxG16AU2000
JN6-500101 to JN6-5xxxxxG16AW2001
JN6-600101 to JN6-6xxxxxG16AX2002

Electric Yamaha G16E (Ultima)
Serial NumberModelYear
JN8-000101 to JN8-100100G16EP1996
JN8-100101 to JN8-1xxxxxG16ER1997
JN8-200101 to JN8-2xxxxxG16ES1998
JN8 -300101 to JN8-3xxxxxG16ET1999
JN8-400101 to JN8-4xxxxxG16EU2000
JN8-500101 to JN8-5xxxxxG16EW2001
JN8-600101 to JN8-6xxxxxG16EX2002

The Yamaha G19 serial number is typically located inside the driver’s side glove compartment or under the rear bumper attached to the frame.

Electric Yamaha G19E (Ultima 48-volt)
Serial NumberModelYear
JR1-000101 to JR1-100100G19EP1996
JR1-100101 to JR1-1xxxxxG19ER1997
JR1-200101 to JR1-2xxxxxG19ES1998
JR1 -300101 to JR1-3xxxxxG19ET1999
JR1-400101 to JR1-4xxxxxG19EU2000
JR1-500101 to JR1-5xxxxxG19EW2001
JR1-600101 to JR1-6xxxxxG19EX2002

Gas Yamaha G20A (Concierge)
Serial NumberModelYear
JR8-000101 to JR8-100100G20AU2000
JR8-100101 to JR8-1xxxxxG20AW2001
JR8-200101 to JR8-2xxxxxG20AX2002

Gas Yamaha G21A (Yamahauler)
Serial NumberModelYear
JR6-000101 to JR6-100100G21AW2001
JR6-100101 to JR6-1xxxxxG21AX2002
JR6-200101 to JR6-2xxxxxG21AY2003
JR6-300101 to JR6-3xxxxxG21AZ2004

The Yamaha G22 or G-MAX began production in 2003 and the serial number is located inside the driver’s side glove compartment.

Gas Yamaha G22A (G-MAX)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU0-000101 to JU0-100100G22AY2003
JU0-100101 to JU0-1xxxxxG22AZ2004
JU0-200101 to JU0-209200G22AA2005
JU0-209201 to JU0-2xxxxxG22AB2005
JU0-300101 to JU0-310100G22AC2006
JU0-310101 to JU0-3xxxxxG22AD2006
JU0-400101 to JU0-4xxxxxG22AE2007

Electric Yamaha G22E (G-MAX)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU2-000101 to JU2-100100G22EY2003
JU2-100101 to JU2-1xxxxxG22EZ2004
JU2-200101 to JU2-205700G22EA2005
JU2-205701 to JU2-2xxxxxG22EB2005
JU2-300101 to JU2-306200G22EC2006
JU2-306201 to JU2-3xxxxxG22ED2006
JU2-400101 to JU2-4xxxxxG22EE2007

Gas Yamaha G23A (U-MAX Medium Duty I)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU5-000101 to JU5-000401G23AZ2004
JU5-000401 to JU5-300101G23AA2005
JU5-300101 to JU5-3xxxxxG23AC2006
JU5-400101 to JU5-4xxxxxG23AE2007
JU5-500101 to JU5-5xxxxxG23AF2008
JU5-600101 to JU5-6xxxxxG23AG2009

Electric Yamaha G23E (U-MAX Medium Duty II)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU6-000101 to JU6-00300G23EZ2004
JU6-000301 to JU6-300100G23EA2005
JU6-300101 to JU6-3xxxxxG23EC2006
JU6-400101 to JU6-4xxxxxG2EC2007
JU6-500101 to JU6-5xxxxxG23EF2008
JU6-600101 to JU6-6xxxxxG23EG2009
JU6-700101 to JU6-7xxxxxG23EH2010

Gas Yamaha G27A (U-MAX Light Duty)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU7-000101 to JU5-000500G27AZ2004
JU7-000501 to JU5-300100G27AA2005
JU7-300101 to JU5-3xxxxxG27AC2006
JU7-400101 to JU5-4xxxxxG27AE2007
JU7-500101 to JU5-5xxxxxG27AF2008

Electric Yamaha G27E (U-MAX Light Duty)
Serial NumberModelYear
JU8-000101 to JU8-00300G27EZ2004
JU8-000301 to JU8-300100G27EA2005
JU8-300101 to JU8-3xxxxxG27EC2006
JU8-400101 to JU8-4xxxxxG27EE2007
JU8-500101 to JU8-5xxxxxG27EF2008

The Yamaha G29 Years -Includes YDRE YDRA Yamaha Drive

These serial numbers can be found on the passenger side of the vehicle near the rear fender (Gas) and under the seat on the driver’s side (Elec).

Yamaha Model G29
Yamaha Model G29

Gas Yamaha G29A/YDRE/DRIVE
Serial NumberModelYear
JW1-000101 to JW1-100100YDRAE2007
JW1-100101 to JW1-1xxxxxYDRAF2008
JW1-200101 to JW1-2xxxxxYDRAG2009
JW1-300101 to JW1-3xxxxxYDRAH2010
JW8-000101 to JW8-100100YDRAJ2011
JW8-100101 to JW8-1xxxxxYDRAK2012
JW8-200101 to JW8-2xxxxxYDRAK2012.5
JW8-300101 to JW8-3xxxxxYDRAL2013
JW8-400101 to JW8-4xxxxxYDRAM2014
JW8-500101 to JW8-5xxxxxYDRAN2015

Electric Yamaha G29E/YDRE/DRIVE
Serial NumberModelYear
JW2-000101 to JW2-100100YDREE2007
JW2-100101 to JW2-1xxxxxYDREF2008
JW2-200101 to JW2-2xxxxxYDREG2009
JW2-300101 to JW2-3xxxxxYDREH2010
JW9-000101 to JW9-100100YDREJ2011
JW9-100101 to JW9-1xxxxxYDREK2012
JW9-200101 to JW9-2xxxxxYDREK2012.5
JW9-300101 to JW9-3xxxxxYDREL2013
JW9-400101 to JW9-4xxxxxYDREM2014
JW9-500101 to JW9-5xxxxxYDREN2015

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  1. William Layton

    I have a 36 V. Yamaha. Had it about 20 yrs. Has 10x20x6 tires and a bed. Use it often for everything.
    Anyway, it started bucking and quit moving. Resting Voltage is close to 38 right now. I have a ID Plate on the cross member under seat. It’s stamped JG6-001154. I don’t see JG6 on your charts, is it the same as the JG5? Any help would be appreciated.

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