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What Year Is My Cushman Golf Cart? Master Serial Lookup

What Year Is My Cushman Golf Cart?

Last Updated on March 22, 2024 by Chuck Wilson

Your Cushman golf cart’s year is on the serial plate and is the first two digits of the last four numbers. This is a compiled list of available data to pinpoint your particular vehicle. You should have no problem identifying what year is my Cushman golf cart.

Old Cushman golf carts are rare and considered to be collector’s items now. Since manuals are scarce and most specs have been relegated to microfiche, it has been a chore in the past to dig up the answers to your questions about your Cushman golf cart year and model. Check out our Cushman serial number lookup below.

How Do I Find Out What Year Is My Cushman Golf Cart?

The year is on the serial tag and can read from the first two numbers in the last four digits described below.

Tag Locations

The Cushman Motor Company was established in 1901 in Lincoln, Nebraska, and after changing hands with several owners, ceased production of the golf cart in 1975. The crucial numbers found on the Cushman vehicles is the MODEL number and the SERIAL number. The Model Number is usually located under the seat on the driver side of the shift lever console. The number will look like the plate pictured and be riveted to the console. The number usually starts with an ‘8′, like 898100 or 880429. Checking this number on the chart below will show you all the different models Cushman made. Many were very similar in appearance, but the wiring schematics and engine types varied.

Cushman Tag

Cushman Motor Company was, as the name implies, mainly in the business of building motors for farm equipment and industrial applications. The first golf carts began rolling out in 1955 and continued until 1975 when it was decided to abandon the golf cart line in favor of the utility vehicle line and turf care products.

The following chart has been pared down to focus on just the golf carts and leave out the people-movers and turf workhorses.

To perform a golf cart serial number lookup, follow these steps: 1) Locate the serial number plate on your golf cart, typically found on the frame or dashboard. 2) Compare the serial number with the table below 3) The result will provide information about the make, model, and year of your golf cart.

ModelSeriesYear ProducedDescription
732-71954Golfster – 24V
732-121955Golfster – 24V
732-191956Golfster – 24V
733-211956Golfster – 24V
876081732-341957Golfster – 24V
876083733-361957-59Golfster – 24V
876084732-411957Golfster – 36V
732-421957Golfster – 24V
876107732-731958Golfster – 24V
876108732-741958Golfster – 36V
876139732-1051959Golfster – 24V
876140732-1061959Golfster – 36V
8784207321960-61Golfster – 24V
8784217321960-61Golfster – 24V
8784227321960Golfster – 36V
8784237331960Golfster – 24V
8789127321961Golfster – 36V
8789157351961-63Golfster – 18HP
8789337321961Golfster – 36V
8789347321961-62Golfster – 36V
8789357321961-62Golfster – 36V
8789887321961Golfster – 36V
8795257321961Golfster – 24V
8795267321961Golfster – 24V
8795277321961Golfster – 24V
8795287321961Golfster – 24V
8797037321962Golfster – 36V
8797047321962Golfster – 36V
8797167321962Golfster – 36V
8797177351962Golfster – 18HP
8800007351963-64Golfster – 18HP
8800147321963Golfster – 36V Champion
8800157321963Golfster – 36V Champion
8800167321963Golfster – 36V Champion
8800177351963-64Golfster – 18HP
8800197321963Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8800207321963Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8800217321963Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8800227351963-64Golfster – 18HP
8803097321964Golfster – 36V Champion
8803107321964Golfster – 36V Champion
8803127321964Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8803137321964-65Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8803147321964Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8807027321965Golfster – 36V Champion
8807037321965Golfster – 8HP Champion
8807057321965Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8807067321965Golfster – 36V Trophy
8807217321965-66Golfster – 10HP Trophy
8807267361965-67Golfster – 5HP Sears
8807267361968Golfster – 6HP Sears
8807277321965Golfster – 36V Sears
8807297321965Golfster – 36V Sears
8810037321966Golfster – 36V Champion
8810047321966Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8810057321966Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8810067321966Golfster – 36V Trophy
8810087321966Golfster – 8HP Champion
8810097361966-68Golfster – 8HP Scotsman
8810157321966Golfster – 36V Sears
8810207321966Golfster – 8HP Deluxe
8814067321967Golfster – 36V Champion
8814077321967Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8814087321967Golfster – 36V Deluxe
8814097321967Golfster – 36V Trophy
8814107321967Golfster – 10HP Trophy
8814127321967Golfster – 8HP Deluxe
8814207321967Golfster – 36V Sears
8816007321968Golfster – 36V GC-400
8816017321968Golfster – 10HP GC-400
8816027321968Golfster – 36V GC-300
8816037321968Golfster – 8HP GC-300
8816047321968Golfster – 36V Champion
8816147321968Golfster – 36V Sears
8818501969Golfster – 36V GC-400
8818511969Golfster – 10HP GC-400
8818521969Golfster – 36V GC-300
8818531969Golfster – 8HP GC-300
8818541969Golfster – 36V Champion
Note: From 1970 on there is an addition of a 4 digit number. The first 2 digits denote the year
898100-70101970Golfster – 36V GC-400
898101-70101970Golfster – 10HP GC-400
898102-70101970Golfster – 36V GC-300
898103-70101970Golfster – 8HP GC-300
898104-70101970Golfster – 36V Champion
898105-70101970Golfster – 5HP Scotsman
898106-70101970Golfster – 36V Trophy 4-Wheel
898100-71101971Golfster – 36V GC-400
898101-71101971Golfster – 10HP GC-400
898102-71101971Golfster – 36V GC-300
898103-71101971Golfster – 10HP GC-300
898106-71101971Golfster – 36V Trophy 4-Wheel
898200-71101971Town and Fairway – 36V
898201-71101971Town and Fairway – 10HP
898100-72101972Golfster – 36V GC-400
898101-72101972Golfster – 10HP GC-400
898102-72101972Golfster – 36V GC-300
898103-72101972Golfster – 10HP GC-300
898106-72101972Golfster – 36V Trophy 400
898108-72101972Golfster – 36V Trophy 300
898200-72101972Town and Fairway – 36V
898201-72101972Town and Fairway – 10HP
898100-73101973Golfster – 36V GC-400
898101-73101973Golfster – 10HP GC-400
898102-73101973Golfster – 36V GC-300
898106-73101973Golfster – 36V Trophy 400
898108-73101973Golfster – 36V Trophy 300
898150-7310Rebuilt1973Golfster – 36V GC-400
898151-7310Rebuilt1973Golfster – 10HP GC-400
898152-7310Rebuilt1973Golfster – 36V GC-300
898153-7310Rebuilt1973Golfster – 10HP GC-300
898200-73101973Town and Fairway – 36V
898201-73101973Town and Fairway – 10HP
898106-74101974Golfster – 36V Trophy 400
898108-74101974Golfster – 36V Trophy 300
898110-74101974Golfster – 36V GC-400
898111-74101974Golfster – 12HP GC-400
898112-74101974Golfster – 36V GC-300
898113-74101974Golfster – 12HP GC-300
898150-7410Rebuilt1974Golfster – 36V GC-400
898152-7410Rebuilt1974Golfster – 36V GC-300
898153-7410Rebuilt1974Golfster – 10HP GC-300
898200-74101974Town and Fairway – 36V
898201-74101974Town and Fairway – 12HP
898106-75101975Golfster – 36V Trophy 400
898110-75101975Golfster – 36V GC-400
898111-75101975Golfster – 12HP GC-400
898112-75101975Golfster – 36V GC-300
898113-75101975Golfster – 12HP GC-300
898200-75101975Town and Fairway – 36V
898201-75101975Town and Fairway – 12HP

1949 – 1954 Golf Buggy

In 1950 Cushman introduced their first three-wheel golf cart called the Golf Buggy. 

This was essentially a modified Model 60, powered by a scooter engine.

1954 Cushman

Series 732 1954 to 1962 24V And 36V Golfster

Cushman began assigning Series numbers in 1953, beginning with the Truckster.

In 1958 Cushman added a 36 volt model. In 1962, only the 36 volt model was available.

1955 Cushman ad

1961-64 18HP Husky Engine Golfster

In 1961 Cushman closed down a factory they had and converted it over to aluminum die casting. This is where they built the first 18 hp engines that went into the “Shark Nosed” series 735 golf cart.

1961 Golfster

Scotsman 1964-70

Cushman produced the series 736 Scotsman model 881009 from around 1964 to 1968. This model came with an 8 HP Kohler engine. In 1969 the Scotsman model 898105 was introduced and came with a 5 HP, 14.1 cubic inches, four-cycle Briggs and Stratton engine. From 1965 through 1967 Sears offered a rebranded series 736 with the 5 HP engine. The Sears model number was 809.656750. In 1968 Sears sold the cart with a 6 HP engine, model number 809.656751. 1970 was the last year for the Scotsman model.

Cushman Golf Cart Ad
KOHLER Engines Dating Chart
Use The Letter
Use the First 2 digits
Use the first 3 digits
Use the first 2 digits
A 196510-19 = 1969100-109 = 198015 = 1985
B 196620-29 = 1970110-119 = 198116 = 1986
C 196730-39 = 1971120-129 = 198217 = 1987
D 196840-49 = 1972130-139 = 198318 = 1988
E 196950-59 = 1973140-149 = 198419 = 1989
60-69 = 1974150-159 = 198520 = 1990
70-72 = 197521 = 1991
73-79 = 197622 = 1992
80-89 = 197723 = 1993
90-95 = 197824 = 1994
96-99 = 197925 = 1995

1973-75 Golfster 36V Trophy

1973 Trophy

1968-75 Gran Cushman GC-400

In 1968 Cushman debuted their first steel body four-wheeled golf car, the Gran Cushman Golfster model GC-400 as well as the three-wheel model GC-300. Both models were either gas or electric. The gasoline GC400 used a Kohler 10hp model 241 while the GC300 had a Kohler 8hp model 181 until 1972 when they came with the 10hp 241. The GC400 kept the 10hp until 1974 when they installed the 12hp Kohler model K301400.

Gran Cushman 300

The Town and Fairway model was also introduced in 1968 and sported a 4-seater with the 3rd and 4th seat facing backward. This version came in either 36 volt electric or with a 10hp Kohler K241 engine. From 1974 to 1975, the Combo 1 version of the Town and Fairway was produced which featured the ability to fold down the back passenger seat for golf bags. There were only 200-300 of these built.

From 1972 through 1975 only the 4-wheel cart was constructed.

In Conclusion

Cushman pretty much dominated the field with their line of golf carts but got a two-punch from Harley Davidson coming out with their gas golf cart and an influx of underpriced EzGo knockoffs made by Melex in Poland.

Management decided to leave the golf cart market and concentrate on building industrial vehicles. Ransomes Ltd. purchased Cushman by in 1989, and Ransomes was in turn acquired in 1998 by Textron, owners of EzGo.

All golf cart production ceased on June 27, 1975.

What year is my Cushman Truckster? Check it here…

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